Biggest ever Climate Demos as Deadly Feedback Loops may be Triggered

Global warming has skyrocketed with every month breaking the record for the hottest ever in history. Evidence grows that one of the 10 deadly tipping points has been reached, which could detonate all of the rest. help save climate HEREextinxtion is forever
This is what the largest civil disobedience in the history of the environmental movement looks like in Europe

These days, we’re witnessing the largest civil disobedience in the history of the environmental movement. People around the world are joining together in an unprecedented wave of escalated mass actions targeting the world’s most dangerous coal, oil and gas projects, under the banner of Break Free from fossil fuels.

The UK kicked off Break Free last week with three hundred people halting operations at the country’s largest opencast coal mine at Ffos-y-fran in South Wales for a day. The peaceful occupation and blockade ended with no arrests.

300 people shut down the UK's largest opencast coal mine Photographer: Kristian Buus

300 people shut down the UK’s largest opencast coal mine Photographer: Kristian Buus

The following day, 10,000 marched in the Philippines calling for an end to coal — in a country where a month ago, police opened fire on farmers demanding relief for farm communities who have been hit heavily by a climate-change-exacerbated drought. Over the weekend, 2,000 Australians gathered in Newcastle to block the world’s largest coal port for a day.

Tipping Points – the Facts….- an irreversible moment when the dreaded feedback loop begins.  This is now the central issue for the scientific community: we may now be helpless to stop abrupt and runaway global warming.   These ten major tipping points may right at this moment be being triggered.

  • Melting glaciers will raise sea levels so that less heat is reflected out to space
  • Decline of the flow of fresh water from the Arctic will collapse the Gulf Stream
  • Forests will no longer absorb carbon, but become a source.
  • Methane clathrates held in the mud under the sea begin to burp
  • Melting permafrost releases vast quantities of methane
  • Drought kills the Amazon forest and its carbon sink is released
  • The benefits of being shielded by global dimming ceases
  • Bush fires increase the carbon load and reduce the storage capacity of forests
  • As oceans warm the seas absorb less carbon
  • All the above plus disastrous weather and coral bleaching and acidification of the oceans disrupt food production

Triggering any of these feedback loops could cause runaway greenhouse warming. The triggering of any one could start off the others.   help save climate HERE

Over the next couple of days, we will be seeing many more people around the world intensifying actions through peaceful civil disobedience. Nigerians will confront the oil industry, Brazilians will take action against fracking and Canadians are preparing to oppose a tar sands pipeline.

Photographer: Tim Wagner

Photographer: Tim Wagner

Thousands of people joined an action to stop coal extraction in one of Europe’s biggest open-pit lignite mines in Lusatia, Germany between 13-16 May. Local communities there have struggled against mining and resettlement for decades. Now, Swedish state-owned company Vattenfall wants to sell its lignite operations to a Czech buyer — but the Swedish government needs to approve the deal.

The action called Ende Gelände (‘here and no further’) demands a coal phase-out now. The Swedish government and Vattenfall need to take responsibility and keep the coal in the ground, while the German government needs to put an end to coal. No more villages should be bulldozed, no new open-cast pits should be opened. The movement is pushing for a systemic shift to an energy system that prioritises people and the planet over corporate power and profit.

2015 was the hottest year ever recorded and the impacts of climate change are already hitting communities around the world. The need to act on climate change has never been more urgent. Yet, while governments pledged to limit global warming to 1.5-2 ℃, there is a huge gap between their words and their actual plans for action.

It’s now up to ordinary people to close this gap by taking action to keep fossil fuels in the ground and accelerate the just transition to a Melanie Mattauchcommunity-based renewable energy system. That is why people everywhere are prepared to take escalated action like never before.

by Melanie Mattauch   help save climate HERE

May 3–15, 2016: On six continents, thousands of people took bold action to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground. Break Free showed what the climate movement can do in 2016:      SEE THE REPORT →

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  1. “Melting glaciers will raise sea levels so that less heat is reflected out to space.” I think you mean changes in albedo, not sea level.


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