Cops charge person for bag with slogan ‘All Cats Are Beautiful’

All Cats Arte Beautiful ACABfrom Spanish Revolution
all cats are beautiful ACAB
all cats are beautiful ACAB
ABABThis afternoon and relying on the new  Gag Law the Madrid police denounced a person carrying a bag with the phrase “All Cats Are Beautiful”.  ACAB.
Already 40,000 people have been sentenced under the Gag Laws. Previous cases of wearing T shirts with the ACAB logo received 600 euro fines!
Hello Democracy.

Lobeto Von Katzen added 2 new photosfeeling en shock.  14 hrs · Madrid ·

google translation   I live next to the Calderón stadium and today will play the final of the Copa del Rey. The police here for the occasion must have very little to do, ‘ cause when i was going quietlyto my house, all of a sudden two officers of the law and order ran after me to ask me for the documentation and informed me that they are going to proceed to Sanction me for wearing this bag. I asked for explanations and told them that I doubt very much that I’m calling antone’s attention or committing any crime, but theyb tell me ‘explain that to the judge’. They gave me the notification, which of course I refused to sign, and I see the reason for punishment is something that my bag doesn’t put anywhere, and when I tell them that they say that’s a lie and tell me to prove it to the judge, .. giving me the explanation that they are punishing the acronym on my bag. I’m trying to talk calmly with them to talk some sense into them, but it is impossible and I’ve got to shut up if I don’t want to be punished more. I can also tell them that there are many more important things for them to be doing. Bloody sick of this country. Well, yes, all cats are beautiful. And anyone who says otherwise is lying.tshirt-acab-all-cats-are-beautiful-001009556008


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