Blacklisting: the leaked document(s) that opened the floodgates

Blacklisting workers: How anarchists Destroyed a Bosses Scam

Greedy capitalists are always trying to maximise profits.35263ae3-3551-4de6-87c2-0bbaa73c48cb-2060x1236
Originally they would just murder the slave who stood up for his/her rights. Nowadays they use blacklisting.. they fire you and make sure you can’t get work with anyone else.
The British Ruling Class used ‘The Economic League (EL), set up in 1919 to do this dirty work, until the 1980’s when a brave group of anarchist workers called League Watch obtained and publicised a massive leak of the (often wrong) infomation.blacklist
Then in 1989 they infiltrated the EL, recorded their AGM and photographed their leaders.
A stunning victory, which resulted in the collapse of the EL blacklisters (closed in 1993 to be replaced by more modern methods) and after a 30 year campaign the recent compensation payouts to blacklist victims!
We reprint below the fascinating story of the ‘Anarchist Sting’ written by one of the original counter spies.



Phil Chamberlain’s excellent article, “Finding the blacklist“, reveals how the ‘Services Group’ blacklist of construction workers held by the Consulting Association was discovered, as well as the events that led up to that. A much larger blacklist – of workers, ‘extremists’ and political radicals – was held by the Economic League (the predecessor to the Consulting Association). Much of the EL list was leaked and the story of how that took place has been told, in part, both here and elsewhere – notably via Spies At Work. But the campaign to destroy the EL could be characterised, in retrospect, as ‘part one’ of a drama that eventually saw, some thirty years later, a £250 million payout to blacklisted construction workers, with the CA expose as the crucial ‘part two’. Though, in some ways, it could be argued that the first domino to fall was…

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