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Is Dodgy Dave heading for a Tricky Dicky sticky End?

mesnipOne of the most reliable things in life is what behaviour patterns tell you about a person. If someone will knowingly lie to the readership of the Daily Telegraph about what a piece of opinion research means, then he or she is likely to do other things of equal or greater mendacity. Not being British – but being paid to lie to the British about the most important decision since June 1940 – suggests two things. First, the recipient is a mercenary whore; and second, the paymaster is a pimp.

The whore and pimp in this case are Lynton Crosby and the Conservative Party respectively….and disrespectfully. When I posted the Crosby piece last week, I’m sure most readers just thought I was a market research anorak sounding off; when the post about Cameron the parrot went up, doubtless most in…

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