Spain – Update and words from the anarchist comrade threatened with extradition


Some days ago, as we had already taken the extradition of the comrade arrested on 13th April for granted, we got news that extradition to Germany would be postponed for a month, a postponement decided by the Audiencia Nacional in response to our lawyer’s request as preparation of her marriage documents had begun before her arrest.1_ni_domesticades_ni_emmordasadesA5

As soon as the tribunal’s decision was made known, the comrade was transferred to the women’s prison of Brieva (Avila), from where we thought they were making arrangements for the flight to Germany.

From the prison we received her words, which we are going to publish immediately. At the moment the comrade is being held once again in the prison of Soto del Real (Madrid), in solitary confinement and with the possibility to go to the exercise yard with the other prisoners, at least until 30th June, the day when the delay for the wedding ceremony expires.

In the meantime we are making a callout for solidarity with the comrade in the streets, for support to all imprisoned fighters and for showing deep contempt at the system that keeps them kidnapped in order to defend its miserable order.

Words from the comrade arrested on 13th April:

La Plata. Argentina. La carcel 25 de la provincia de Buenos Aires, es la unica en el mundo esclusiva para presos evangelistas. Para que un preso pueda acceder a este pequeño paraiso dentro del sistema carcelario argentino, debe ser evangelista. Actualmente hay 253 presos entre sus muros.Comrades, I’m writing from the prison of Brieva, Avila, where I’ve been just taken after a month and a half of imprisonment in Soto del Real, Madrid, always in FIES and solitary confinement. I wanted to write earlier but communications and information are very slow and restricted, so I haven’t done so till now.

I truly appreciate all the gestures and demonstrations of solidarity and support.

I felt them so strongly that they passed through the walls, bars and systems of security and control. No matter how much they try they will never manage to break or stop our will and determination to rebel against the world of total misery in which they force us to live.

It is precisely the most difficult circumstances that give us more strength and determination to improve and sharpen the many possibilities of conflict we have, both inside and out. The struggles for liberation from all forms of oppression are numerous, as are the methodologies and the just and legitimate practices of struggle.anarcha feminist

From the mere refusal to recognize whatever authority to the attack and expropriation of a bank.

The most important thing with actions is that they can be understood by themselves: their objectives, ends and values.

When different struggles intertwine in a wider context, they complete and strengthen one another, putting an end to the distinction between political and personal; for all the personal decisions we make in our lives end up being political while political choices directly affect our private lives.

Clearly we must be alert at every step we take in order not to fall in the clutches of the state and its servants.

But we know well that the struggle has a price.

The state and the media respond every time with more repression and increasingly insistent media persecution against all those who set themselves against.1_anarchist_prison

For now I’m here but it’s likely that I’ll be soon extradited to germany. I feel strong in the face of the situation and anything that will come. Above all proud of our ideas, values and anarchist practices, of the life that we have chosen and continue to choose day by day.

Strength and solidarity with all the persecuted and imprisoned fighters!

The struggle continues, they will never stop us!

 Prison of Brieva (avila, Espana)arton40723

 Translated from Italian by  Actforfreedomnow!

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