What Chilcot left out: over 1000 torture and unlawful killing legal claims in UK ; ICC

wpid-wpid-torture-usAlso missing after all this time is any investigation of the MOTIVE for the criminal British promotion and entry in the war. Achieved by bribes? Blackmail? Macho male bonding? Economic threats?…..


0019b91ec91a0cabc9e511 British soldier interrogating Iraqi prisoners at the Shaibah Logistics Base

Despite its size and the number of years it took to compile, the Chilcot Report, published last Wednesday, made only passing mention to the more than 1000 legal cases lodged by Iraqi civilians, alleging torture and unlawful killing by the British military. These cases are not only still being heard by the British authorities but also the International Criminal Court. Moreover, mllions of pounds in damages have already been awarded – an indication that the claims were/are valid. And the implication of course is that if the courts are agreeing that unlawful killing and/or torture took place by the British forces in Iraq, then responsibility for what happened should not merely limited to front-line troops, but to their commanders and, ultimately, those in government who authorised the operations. And that would include the ministers in charge of Defence and…

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