Kurdistan: Freedom for Zehra and 1000’s more.. Homage to slain US volunteer Levi …

Kurdish journalist feminist Zehra Doğan and  Mazlum Dogan arrested and jailed


Our editor ‪#‎ZehraDoğan‬ detained!!! ‪#‎Jinha‬ ‪#‎editor‬

The editor of the feminist news agency Ajansı Jin Haber, Zehra Dogan, and Mazlum Dogan, deputy adviser in Mardin for Democratic Peoples Party (HDP) Ali Atalan were arrested two days ago in Mardin. They were sitting in a cafe in that city of Turkish Kurdistan. Zehra and Mazlum were sent to Nusaybin…

Her work as a journalist as “evidence of crime”

Zehra’s journalistic activity has been considered by the Turkish authorities as proof of propaganda organization. Police have provided as evidence her reporting of the situation in Nisêbîn / Nusaybin, ( see Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days ..in total ruins and  deafening silence) social Facebook messages on the network, drawings and news testimonies.

Logically the feminist journalist denied all charges and said she belongs to the Turkish Journalists Union (TGS) and all the news reported is within the scope of journalistic activity.

see also: Turkey ‘issues arrest warrants for 42 journalists’

Greetings on March 8 Womens day  led them to prison

Meanwhile, Mazlum Dogan has been accused of attending activities with the Deputy Ali Atalan. Police criminalize his actions in the media around March 8th when he read the following textual statement:”Happy International Women’s Day happy all working women and women from insurgents Clara Rosa, Sakine Seve. Jin Jiyan Azadi” (Women, Life, Freedom). Such words, in the Kurdish language, are regarded as a crime.

Mazlum Dogan, and a photo of civilian victims of Erdogan's continuing massacres of Kurds
Mazlum Dogan, and a photo of civilian victims of Erdogan’s continuing massacres of Kurds

(update insert:  In recent days many thousands more people have been arrested, tortured, and killed or interned without trial under emergency powers taken by  President Erdogan  after an an army ‘attempted coup’.)

by  in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq..   shared with thanks

Levi Jonathan ShurkeyAn American volunteer fighting alongside Kurdish forces in Syria has been killed during an ongoing offensive to recapture the town of Manbij from Islamic State militants.

Levi Jonathan Shirley, known by his Kurdish comrades as Agir Servan, died on 14 July in Manbij, according to a statement on the official website of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), in whose ranks he was fighting,  helping defend Kurdish-held areas from Islamic State and recently participating in the battle for the northern town of Manbij, which began in May and is backed by  US-led air attacks.

Shirley was “known for his discipline and sense of responsibility” and his presence among the SDF fighters “always raised the morale of his co fighters” according to the statement. “Comrade Agir was known for his bravery and sense of self-sacrifice.” Jayson Pihajlic, 30, a former marine, who spent a year in Rojava and fought alongside Shirley in the battle for Shadadi earlier this year described him as a former marine full of life. “He was always full of life, and comedy. The kind of guy that went out of his way to make everyone laugh. Even doing standup comedy shows for us,” said Pihajlic who served two tours in Iraq from 2005-2009.

Foreign fighters have joined the Kurdish YPG  (now called SDF to include a coalition of fighters against IS) who took control of the Kurdish areas in Syria and began the Rojava Revolution.. At least 12  (including  Keith Broomfield) have died alongside Kurdish forces, according to the International Brigade of Rojava, Facebook page.here:

International Brigades of Rojava  Lets get our Hero home to his Family  https://www.gofundme.com/2fxb24s
This past Tuesday, July 19th, our family received the worst news of our life–our beloved Levi, my older brother, had been killed in combat while fighting in the YPG…

original in spanish

La periodista feminista kurda Zehra Dogan no es liberada y pasa a disposición judicial


Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days ..in total ruins and  deafening silenc

La editora de la agencia feminista Jin Haber Ajansı, Zehra Dogan, y Mazlum Dogan, asesor del diputado de Mardin por el Partido Democrático de los Pueblos(HDP) Ali Atalan fueron detenidos hace dos días en la propia Mardin. Estaban sentados en un café de dicha ciudad del Kurdistán turco. Zehra y Mazlum fueron remitidos a Nusaybin.

Su trabajo como periodista como “prueba de delito”

La actividad periodística de Zehra ha sido considerada por las autoridades turcas como propaganda de una organización. La policía ha aportado como pruebas sus noticias informando de la situación en Nisêbîn / Nusaybin, mensajes en la red social Facebook, dibujos y testimonios. Lógicamente la periodista feminista negó todas las acusaciones y dijo que pertenece la Unión de Periodistas de Turquía (TGS) y todas las noticias que se aportan se expresan dentro del ámbito de su actividad periodística.

La felicitación del 8 de marzo puede llevarlos a prisión

Mientras tanto, Mazlum Dogan ha sido acusado de asistir a las actividades con el diputado Ali Atalan. La policía considera delito sus acciones en los medios de comunicación social en torno al 8 de marzo cuando leyó el siguiente comunicado textual:

“Feliz Día Internacional de la Mujer feliz a todas las mujeres obreras e insurgentes mujeres desde Clara a Rosa, de Sakine a Seve. Jin jiyan Azadi” (Mujeres, Vida, Libertad). Dicha felicitación, en lengua kurda, ha sido considerada como un delito.

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