COVER-UP: Six Countries that Grew Filthy Rich from Enslaving Black People*


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“…The tactics also echo those of the original scramble for Africa, with the U.K. government backing profit-hunting firms to the hilt…Historian and development expert Mark Curtis…argues that “British companies now control Africa’s key mineral resources, notably gold, platinum, diamonds, copper, oil, gas and coal.”

(Six Countries that Grew Filthy Rich from Enslaving Black People*)

Slavery transformed America and European nations into an economic superpowers. American alone stole over $100 trillion worth of forced labour. Here are 6 nations that got where they are today because of the work done by enslaved Africans.

The British Empire | British Imperialism | Pinterest


New Colonial Carve-up of Africa? British firms vying for £1trn Natural Resources*

British government-supported firms are engaged in a piratical contest for African natural resources as part of a new colonialist “scramble for Africa,” a major new report claims.

Development NGO War On Want published its latest cutting report, titled ‘The New…

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