‘Occupy the Banks’!.. Mortgage Victims Strike Back

Occupations of BBVA banks continue in Barcelona

by JuanJo  (explanations in brackets () added)

'there will be revolution'
‘there will be revolution’

This morning we have released a video that accuses the BBVA bank of cheating, fraud and stripping the people of their homes. (see below)

PAH is the Movement  of Mortgage Victims is many local assembly-run groups which combat criminal practices of banks and politicians with joy and originality. (Famously the new mayoress of Barcelona is an ex militant leader of the PAH,controlling the city police but not the Catalan cops).

Today we have accompanied the release of the video with the occupation of a branch office of BBVA in the center of Barcelona, located at number 84 Paseo de Gracia.

After a day of pressure, BBVA has been in contact with PAH. Again, BBVA assured us of its intent to resolve eight specific cases of affected families for whom we have been campaigning with daily occupations of BBVA banks.

Against this declaration of intent, we have demanded results. The 8 cases of which we speak have been battling for a solution for more than three years.

Their demands are minimal: dation in payment (ie. to stop the abuse in Spain that on default you lose your house but have to keep on paying the mortgage debt for decades), a social rent  (ie. not impossibly high due to market speculation) , and  IPRH annulment (IRPH is one of many bankers scams:  clients were persuaded to sign mortgage agreements by which you pay 200 to 300 euros a month more than with the standard Eurobor interest rate fixing system).42

Until the BBVA undertakes to solve the eight cases, we continue with our pressure campaign. At the moment, we are still holding out today in the Barcelona office against a possible eviction by the Mossos d’Esquadra, Catalan police. We will continue campaigning against BBVA till  we get solutions for the affected families.

Yes We Can DO IT!

#PAHrap    # RíndeteBBVA

 Half a million evicted.. and counting

When the property bubble burst and Spain was ”bailed out” it was on condition it be written into the constitution that these new mega debts must have their interest paid before anything else ,(like health, pensions education) the total for all banks is over 100 billion!

The sacred Constitution (“impossible to alter’ when it comes to a demanded referendum in Catalonia)  was changed in one day flat to protect the  dirty scams of the corrupt elite

So Spain, like Greece,  is a financial colony, a reliable a ‘cash cow’ being milked forever by international banks and funds. The PAH activists point out that the banks were gifted with billions in public tax money.

Also that Bankia, Sareb, etc were set up or bailed out  by the public so their assets of evicted houses should belong to the people, and should not be sold off dirt cheap to international property sharks and corporations.  (by Thefreeonline)


Continúa la ocupación del BBVA en Barcelona

Aquest matí realitzem el llançament d’un videoclip que senyalitza al BBVA com un banc que enganya, estafa i tira a la gent de la seva casa. Pràctiques criminals que la PAH combat amb alegria i originalitat: avui mateix hem acompanyat el llançament del videoclip amb l’ocupació d’una oficina del BBVA al centre de Barcelona, situada en el Passeig de Gràcia número 84.

Després de tot un dia de pressió, el BBVA s’ha posat en contacte amb la PAH. De nou, el BBVA assegurava tenir voluntat de resoldre 8 casos de famílies afectades per les quals hem estat ocupant diàriament oficines del BBVA.

Enfront de la seva declaració d’intencions, nosaltres hem exigit resultats. Els 8 casos dels quals parlem porten batallant per una solució desde fa més de tres anys. Les seves demandes són de mínims: dacions en pagament, lloguers socials, quitacions i la nul·litat del IPRH.71

Fins que el BBVA es comprometi a donar solució als 8 casos, pensem continuar amb la nostra campanya de pressió. De moment, ens quedem avui en l’oficina de Barcelona sota un possible desallotjament per part dels Mossos d’Esquadra. Continuarem senyalitzant al BBVA fins a aconseguir solucions per a les famílies afectades.

Sí Es Pot!

#PAHrap        #RíndeteBBVA

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