Non-News: Media Silence as Erdogan sacks 11,285 Kurdish teachers and Curfews Kurdish Capital

Imagine the scandal if the USA were to fire 11,285 black teachers on suspicion of supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’. Would that be news?erdogan-sacks-and-curfews-kurdsThe all powerful Turkish leader Erdogan just dismissed 11,285 Kurdish teachers for maybe not supporting a military crackdown, mass state murders and prohibition of their own language. But you won’t read this in the NY Times, or see it on the BBC or CNN.

Imagine the British Tories sacking 11,285 muslim teachers on suspicion of supporting Islam. Would that be news?

Yesterday some of the fired Kurdish teachers from the KESK union came out to protest in Diyarbakir (Amed in Turkish), but were attacked, arrested or beaten by police. ( see photos). But you won’t read about that anywhere but in tiny blogs like this or the banned Kurdish media.

Imagine if the Russians or Chinese or Mexicans were to fire 11,285 indigenous teachers for ‘membership of a subversive Trade Union’. Would that be news?

The transparent pretext for sacking some of the Kurdish teachers was that many belonged to a left wing teachers union, the KESK. But you won’t see any western trade unions or teachers coming out in sympathy with their Kurdish colleagues.

Military Curfew imposed on Kurdish capital

Imagine if the state were to impose an indefinite curfew on 13 suburbs of Amsterdam or Dublin starting at 5am. Would that be news?

That’s what happened yesterday in 13 suburbs of the Kurdish capital Diyarbakir (Amed), a city of 1 million people, which was put under Turkish military curfew. We all know about the slaughter and destruction when they curfewed Cizre for months, or the annihilation and murder of children when they curfewed  Nusaybin for 74 days .

Or do we all know? Because that was ‘non-news’ as well.

The indefinite curfew in Diyarbakir, a European capital recognised by over 20 million Kurdish people, is authentic non -news and absolutely nobody is protesting or publicizing it.. try a Google search!

The populist leader Erdogan expressed sincere sorrow to his cheering fans at what he had done, and urged judges to be ‘strict and fair’ in reviewing the 11,285 Kurdish teachers sacked.

However, with numerous judges also dismissed on suspicion, few will defy the crackdown and seal their own fates by standing up for a ”suspected Kurdish terrorist”.

‘Supreme Erdogan’, as he now likes to be known, has by now practically obtained absolute State Power despite being in theory a largely symbolic president.

His rhetoric includes embarking on a quest for glorious lost Empire, while invading Syria and becoming embroiled in a civil war with over 20 million Kurdish subjects.

Kurdish sources and supporters accuse the media and states in Europe, the USA and Russia of playing a dangerous and immoral game by keeping quiet, financing and placating their Turkish ally.

Myth that ”All Kurds are PKK Terrorists” used to stop reporting

Erdogan considers all these people top be ''kurdish terrorists''
Erdogan considers all these people to be ”PKK terrorists”

Restrictions reporting Kurdish/Erdogan conflict:

Many blogs and Facebook accounts have been closed down for supporting the Kurds with the excuse that the PKK (the main Kurdish resistance army) is on the US and EU list of terrorist groups.

Firstly, the PKK was on the list historically , from 30 years ago when it was a top-down Stalinist resistance, then the Kurdish leader Ocalan (still imprisoned in solitary) called for a welcomed change to ‘Democratic confederalism’, with a unilateral ceasefire, and successful peace process, renouncing a separate Kurdish state and with a ‘Kurdish Spring’ introducing local, democratic reforms that are also non-sexist, non-racist or top-down.

But the listing of the PKK as terrorist had not been cancelled when Erdogan smashed the peace process and began a mass crackdown on the Kurds as a step to gain absolute power via nationalist hysteria. This is a fact we consider proven 100 times over. Only when Erdogan’s forces attacked was the PKK refounded with a huge influx of outraged youths.

Now all resistance to the escalating pogroms, race war and incipient genocide of 20 million Kurds is classed as ‘supporting PKK terrorism’. And Turkey is a Nato member and a ‘key ally’ in stopping the flow of refugees.


So daily outrages, mass murders, mass imprisonment without trial, sackings of 80,000 opposition, suppression of all independent media, etc., are ignored and in the west the media just mumbles… So blogs like this one and Facebook pages are closed down  as ‘terrorist supporters’ for reporting the facts. This blog may disappear tomorrow, while the media often completely fail to report the continuing massacres and repression.

(That said we recognise that groups close to the PKK have caused civilian deaths in resisting the genocidal Turkish attacks, and many of the Turkish soldiers killed in the burgeoning civil war are unwilling conscripts.)

It’s important also for defending the unprecedented and inspiring revolution in the Kurdish Syrian area of Rojava that Erdogan’s repression be exposed and resisted.

Erdogan’s now 100% controlled media asserts and invents daily, threatens and demands world recognition that the Rojava Kurdish YPG, YPJ, SDF.. autonomous volunteer forces are ‘all PKK terrorists’, (pointing to the obsolete EU and US qualification of the PKK as terrorists) in order to justify invading Rojava..


On the President’s orders the tanks (he has 5000 of them) have already invaded Syria on the pretext of attacking ISIS and have begun the process of militarily destroying Rojava, the only progressive, non sexist, non racist movement in the whole middle east.

Erdogan sacks 11,285 kurdish Teachers

translated from Kurdis Cat, original below. Pictures: @ pironic2121

The protest convened this morning in Amed (Diyarbakir in Turkish) by the teachers sacked yesterday by the Turkish government has-been attacked by the police.

Erdogan`s agents attacked the unarmed demonstrators first with water cannons and then arrested them for protesting against their sackings, under the illogical pretext that they belonged to the left wing union KESK.

Forty teachers remain kidnapped by the state for exercising their right to demonstrate against the arbitrary decisions of yesterday to sack  11,285 of them from their teaching posts for belonging to the union or simply being Kurds

original de la noticia de los despedidos en Castellano

 La policía turca disuelve a golpes la manifestación de 11.285 profesor@s despedidos

La protesta convocada esta mañana en Amed (Diyarbakir en turco) por los/as profesores/as despedidos ayer por el gobierno turco ha sido atacada por la policía. Agentes de Erdogan han atacado a manifestantes desarmados primero con cañones de agua para luego detener a las personas que protestaban contra la decisión, ilógica, de despedirlos por estar afilad@s a sindicatos de izquierda como KESK.

Hasta cuarenta persona permanecen secuestradas tras ejercer su derecho básico de manifestación tras la decisión arbitraria de ayer. 11.285 maestr@s fueron despedid@s de sus puestos por estar sindicados o, simplemente, ser kurdos.

Fotografias: @pironic2121

Here’s a long list of more semi censored ‘Non-News’

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