Free the Warsaw Anarchists: jailed for ‘Conspiracy to Burn Cop Car’

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Bail Appeal.  Comrades of the 3 jailed for conspiring to burn a police car are trying to raise 13,400 euros  to pay a bail bond which has now been approved. But there are only a few days left to do it. If you can spare any cash see details of how to send it at the foot of this article.

On the night of May 23rd, the police in Warsaw arrested three anarchists on charges of an alleged arson attempt of a police vehicle. The three were transferred to a remand prison where they are to be held in custody for three months, awaiting trial.p1

They face up to 8 years in prison. Media frenzy broke out over the arrest in the past few days, with high-ranking politicians and experts on terrorism discussing the matter on TV. Photos and video reruns of the arrested walking with chains around their feet and hands are broadcast on public transportation.

How it Happened

Three anarchists were arrested by police in Warsaw, Poland, 23rd May 2016. The accusations are: possession of explosives and intending to use them by setting police car on fire.

They are called terrorists by police and media, despite the fact, that the arson didn’t actually take place This accusations are quite serious- they face from 6 months to 8 years of jail.

First hearings of the accused took place at District Prosecutor’s Office on 24th may. Marks of tortures were visible on their bodies. On 25th may, during prosecution session at district court, prosecution decided to hold them in custody for three months (that might be automatically prolonged).blog_hs_3783171_4799530_tr_lewacy

Since then, each of the three is detained in isolation, denied the right to communicate with relatives, during the first week of detention none of them had access to a lawyer.

Mass media in the service of the state reproduce authorities propaganda. Witch-hunt begun, creating mass hysteria and the image of the country threaten by terrorism. By doing this, the authorities and their collaborators are trying to justify the implementation of the new Anti-Terror Law.

Significantly, just before the entry into force of the Act on 10th May, 23rd May and 30th May in several Polish cities a series of false bomb alarms took place, leading to evacuation of sites such as the editorial office of the press and television, shopping centers, and banks.

The wave of repression against the anarchist environment is rising. Also on May 23rd the police four times raided one of Warsaw’s collectives involved in combating the developer and the struggle for the food sovereignty. Since then, the collective is constantly harassed by uniformed visitors.nxpqyv8qx424vjkd256cxj5k6y8d4p8n_gallery

In Krakow, they searched the apartment and questioned a person who have set up a social media site ridiculing inflated police accusations.

In Warsaw reports multiply about police harrassing people associated with the movement, and attempting surveillance of places that are important for the environment.

Almost at the same time a police murder of Igor from Wroclaw took place. there was no immediate response or outrage from the multitude of politicians, journalists, police officers and terrorism experts. Almost no journalist will even mention it, when cops kill a person. Yet police killings are only the tip of the iceberg.

Extortion, beatings, unlawful protection of the interests of influential people – every year among the 16,000 complaints against the police, authorities recognize only 5 percent. As a result of years of media selectivity and omissions, the police have total impunity.

The witch-hunt atmosphere of the campaign against the broad anarchist movement,  building consent for repression and  targeting the environmental struggle, we are fighting the most influential interest groups in this country.ng0ktkpturbxy9mndqxndfjodi2nju0yzq5mgm2zdvmyjllzgfhngi2mi5qcgeslqmeam0cx80bkjmfzqmgzqhc

The anarchist movement has been active, among other areas, in supporting workers, tenants, ecological, anti-racist groups and the fight against land-grabbing.

It acts without compromise, for social justice, against the repression from business and political elites. Lack of social control over the police, for years has allowed them to use uncontrolled violence against people combating the system of violence in various fields.

What we need at this moment is the firm stance of solidarity with the arrested and against upcoming attacks from the state! In Warsaw and elsewhere, pickets in solidarity with the arrested have been held.

We also count on your solidarity actions in other cities. You can also help in the collection of funds to pay the lawyers and to financially support detainees.

We will not be intimidated! Free the Warsaw Three and all hostages of the state!

 Warsaw: Update on arrests, Radykalne Ogrody Działkowe raided..(gardening Collective Occupiers)

Udaremniono atak bombowy w Warszawie Trzech mężczyzn szykowało atak bombowy na jedną z warszawskich jednostek policji. Zostali zatrzymani na gorącym uczynku, gdy montowali ładunki wybuchowe pod radiowozami. Policja wprost mówi o próbie zamachu. Podejrzani nie przyznali się do winy i odmówili składania zeznań – podała prokuratura.
Udaremniono atak bombowy w Warszawie.   Trzech mężczyzn szykowało atak bombowy na jedną z warszawskich jednostek policji. Zostali zatrzymani na gorącym uczynku, gdy montowali ładunki wybuchowe pod radiowozami. Policja wprost mówi o próbie zamachu.

[Correction Radykalne Ogrody Działkowe was raided only, no eviction attempt]

On the night between Sunday the 22nd & Monday the 23rd of May three comrades were detained near the car park of South Warsaw police station. Cops claim to have found an explosive device under a police car. All three comrades were taken into custody at the station and one comrade was severely beaten. 0005ISG6VUPXK2KN-C116-F4The comrades refused to cooperate and denied all accusations of ‘terrorism’ and attempting to bomb the police station. The comrades received support from the anarchist community and 3 squats from Warsaw (Przychodnia, Syrena, Radykalne Ogrody Działkowe) and were provided with legal representation.

plakat-rod-chiled-362x1024The same day police raided Radykalne Ogrody Działkowe ( The Radical Alllotment Occupation) squat where one of the arrested comrades lived and search for evidence. According to the “Reclaim The Fields” website: “Cops arrived between 4 and 5AM.

They invaded the squat area by cutting fences and demolishing the gate with a forklift. Six undercover police invaded people’s rooms. One friend woke up and found himself surrounded by cops questioning him about his identity. They then proceeded to search the entire squat.”

[Read More]

Land Occupier Collective Raided   (ROD)

Faces of urban gardening society or the ROD
Faces of urban gardening society or the ROD

ROD (Radykalne Ogródki Działkowe) / per. Radical Garden Land / – the only representative of the movement Reclaim The Fields in Poland – needs support! A resident has been arrested and charged with trying to burn a police car. ROD is an occupation and cultivation of garden allotmants in Warsaw to stop them being destroyed by speculation.

ROD is an untranslatable play on words. Originally the shortcut R.O.D. means Rodzinne Ogrody Działkowe (Family Allotment Gardens) but we translate it as Radykalne Ogrody Działkowe (Radical Allotment Gardens).scaled_full_fbb1271e26a63d274989

The main goals of ROD collective: The basic of existence our group is autonomous, voluntary and self-organized initiative, free from any kind of hierarchy and discrimination. The members of collective try to be involved in reclaim the fields movement by occupying and ecological use of the area of the allotment gardens – to secure it from devastation by the developers.

Warsaw has a very special SCAM in the land grabbing context. The main tool used by big business to legally land grab is a process called “re-privatization”.

It mean that Warsaw City Council tries to “give back” all buildings and land to the descendants of pre-war owners. That means 80% of Warsow.scaled_full_d2afe824a3aed49bd6bfExactly the same amount of city was destroyed in the war, and rebuilt by tenants and people from the whole of Poland with public money. Now so called “developer companies” look up old descendants (or find false ones) buying for a ridiculous price rights to the buildings or lands from them and becoming new owners.

One of the effects of this is that now there are 600.000 empty business spaces in places where a few years ago were townhouses. Further tens of thousands of old flats are empty. At the same time in the outskirts of the city closed settlements are growing, built by the same companies.

Land which is occupied by the ROD collective was grabbed under this re-privatization process. But to say that we are there because of this particular situation of the land would be too much. We just chose this land because it was a good place to start to spread info about Land Grabbing and show sustainable living in practice, as well as occupy resistance tactics.z20340823qpikieta-anarchistow-pod-aresztem-przy-rakowieckiej

Anyway, it was clear for us that sooner or later something would happen. The area was just too nice to be not interesting to some developers. So it is also true that even though we were not looking for conflict we were open to the possibility of finding it.

ROD is a kind of laboratory where in a radical and friendly atmosphere we got knowledge and skills about planting vegatables and herbs, derive energy from renewable sources, food processing, constructing spaces, tools, things for everyday using and organizing a social life for the community and the neighborhood with using the different tactics of resistance and struggle against capitalism.

We strive for self-sufficiency and sovereignty, and we work in accordance with the principle of do it yourself.

For more information about Reclaim the Fields Poland visit:

The text below is a translation of the statement that was sent out by various groups from the anarchist and wider social justice community in Poland, in response to these arrests.

Open letter in connection with the arrest of three anarchists in Warsaw

The mass media in Poland are releasing increasingly more absurd, one-sided reports about the arrest of three anarchists on Monday, May 23rd. We interpret this as an attempt to intimidate and criminalize social justice movements in Poland….

[Read More]



If you can – show your support, either financially or by forwarding the call for collecting funds. Every euro brings us closer to getting them out. Getting bail would mean for the arrested anarchists the end of everyday tortures they suffer after more than 3 months in solitary confinement. We cannot let this chance slip out of our hands!

Support here:

Account Holder: VpKK e.V.
IBAN: DE 4085 0205 0000 0361 5700
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Note: Donation ABC Warsaw \ ACK Warszawa

IMPORTANT: Do not forget about the note “Donation ABC Warsaw” or “ACK Warszawa”. Without it nobody will know that your donation is specially for three anarchists from Warsaw.

Download the Fanzine

Polish Anarchist Site HERE  Pochod-anarchistow-

   more info here:



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