Amsterdam: Refugees and Supporters Occupy 2 new places

 ”We Are Here” open two new squatswij_zijn_hier

Today, Sunday, September 18th, We Are Here (Wij Zijn Hier) squatted two buildings on Burgemeester Roelstraat 70 (for women) and Rijswijkstraat 2 (for men). We squatted these buildings cracked because the Vluchtgemeente squat, where many of us stay, will be evicted on Monday.

While the city of Amsterdam is familiar with our problems, we are still not treated as residents of the city. We are now put back the streets for the twentieth time. We do not have access to housing, education, employment and regular healthcare. We are refugees, we are here and we want a normal life.rijswijkstrn

Since We Are Here started 4 years ago, with the constant support of individuals and organizations, around 70 refugees received the status to which they were entitled to. This battle we now continue.

We fled and had no other choice but to come here. It is our right to be here under the Geneva Conventions and the government must respect those rights. We demand security, dignity and a status for all of us.demo4


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