Christopher Columbus: The ISIS Of His Day

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Thought Provoking Perspectives

images (1)Christopher Columbus is hailed as a hero in the western world. He is celebrated in America with the distinguished honor of having his own holiday. The facts are that he never set foot on American soil and was lost at sea when he landed in the Caribbean. There are many who call him the “Father of Slavery”!

More to the point, he is credited with destroying the indigenous people on the island where he landed. He was such a heathen that he justified rape, murder, did pillage claiming religion and funded his efforts with whatever he could steal.

Therefore, more and more Americans are now learning the real history behind Christopher Columbus’s legacy and so-called “discovery.” Many are choosing not to participate or celebrate this day; cities and states across the country have shifted away from celebrating Columbus Day. Particularly Native American’s and most certainly African American’s!

It is clear…

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