You don’t have to be a Snowden to know how to blog ‘anonymously’: a simple guide




With the recent revelation that Yahoo passed millions of its user accounts to the US National Security Agency (a partner with GCHQ, the UK equivalent) and with the new “Snoopers Charter” legislation going through the British parliament, it’s not surprising that many Internet users – bloggers, political activists – may want to find out, in simple terms, how to be safe online from predators (‘Big Brother’, consumer organisations and those who simply wish to steal identities). Well, here’s one way…

For simplicity, this guide outlines one route: via The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails). The guide only deals with internet connections, operating systems, browsers and email. The advice given is not meant to be exhaustive. Discipline is essential and additional security tips are provided in the last section.

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