Turkish terror state attacks SDF forces in northern Syria

The Turkish air force  attacked 26 times in an attempt to massacre Syrian Democratic Forces, in territory they have recently won back from Islamic State terrorists.. The grinning dictator Erdogan then boasted that he had murdered 200  anti- ISIS volunteers, The SDF are the only rebel force which has defeated IS, and are a multi/ethnic, multi/religion, anti sexist and anti/authoritarian coalition. Erdogan wants to wipe them out because they are 50% Kurdish as part of his national fascist campaign of genocide against Kurdish minorities.

Erdogan the Turkish Dictator tries to massacre progressive democratic rebels
Erdogan the Turkish Dictator tries to massacre progressive democratic rebels

AL BAB (KDN) – Turkish jets carried out 26 air strikes on US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters, in northern Syria, killing 10 civilians, Kurdish sources on the ground said on October 20.

SDF: 19 people were killed as well as 39 wounded by “the barbaric Turkish bombing”

Local sources said that the Turkish terror army conducted airstrikes against Kurdish-led forces in support of ISIS jihadists who recently lost a dozen villages to US-backed forces in Aleppo province. Turkish army claimed it killed around 200 SDF fighters but a Syrian Kurdish leader told AP that those who were killed in the airstrikes were 10 civilians.

Turkish terror state desperately sought to join the liberation campaign of Mosul but it was excluded by the US-led International Coalition.

The Turkish air strikes could only be carried out with permission of Russia, under the latest cynical deal which includes a new gas pìpeline to Europe. They would also need the green light from the US forces (‘coalition’) who even more cynically overlook Erdogan’s mega purges and anti Kurdish fascism, perhaps in the hope of ‘wooing him back from Russia’.


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