Support Ana Belén, now jailed 15 years for Leaking US terrorist plans for Cuba

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Comite Amigos Puerto Rico: Solidarity with Ana Belén Montes, political prisoner in the USA


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In the present goes the postal and electronic address Ana Belén Montes, from Puerto Rico, who for 17 years from the National Security Agency of the United States of America leaked information to the Cuban government of the terrorist acts that were planned against the Cuban people.

Cuba Mourns Anniversary of Terrorist Bombing of Cubana Flight 455
Cuba Mourns Anniversary of US state Terrorist Bombing of Cubana Flight 455
Ana, in an act of great courage, told the sentencing judge that she did not regret what she had done because she did it consciously because she understood it to be an injustice that the government of the United States of America wanted to impose on Cuba its system of government and economy.

Ana has already completed her first 15 years in prison and is now suffering from cancer in one of her breasts. So we ask you to be in solidarity with the campaign that we started three years ago demanding Ana’s freedom for her ANTI TERRORIST acts and write to her expressing your solidarity.

The addresses are as follows: Ana Belen Montes, No. 25037-016, Carswell Detention Center 3000, Ist. Fort Worth, Texas 76127. Or by email:

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Ana Belen Montes’ Harsh Prison Conditions

by Elio Delgado Legon  March 18, 2016

HAVANA TIMES — Some weeks ago, I wrote and Havana Times published an article titled Ana Belen Montes: A Case of Conscience. In one of the paragraphs dealing with this heroic woman, who has been imprisoned under the most trying conditions one can imagine, I promised to broaden on the subject in a future postImage result for us anti cuba terrorism

Ana Belen Montes, former Pentagon intelligence analyst, convicted to 25 years in prison in 2002 for supplying Cuba with information about the United States’ aggressive policies towards the island, has been serving her sentence at the Carswell Federal Medical Center, located in Fort Worth, Texas……..

see  original with many more details of her harsh treatment and isolation

……..“Ana Belen Montes was not paid by Cuba for what she did and there was nothing sordid or coercive about her recruitment. She was not motivated by any desire for revenge or attraction to
power. Despite full awareness of the personal risk arising, she acted out of love, her sense of justice and a noble solidarity with Cuba.

She was accused of having helped convince both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton that Cuba did not represent a military threat to the U.S., thus preventing a war that would have resulted in a significant loss of Cuban and US lives.”

Recently, I was provided with information that indicates Ana Belen Montes’ confinement conditions have changed:

Ana may receive letters and visits from 20 people (her father passed away before she was imprisoned). Visitors are cleared by the prison or the FBI. One of the mandatory conditions for a visit is to have known Ana before her imprisonment. No one else is allowed to see her. No one has ever interviewed her either.
The fact 20 people / relatives may visit her does not mean everyone on this list exercises that right. Very few people have visited her over these past few years (perhaps only two or three in total), for reasons that include the remoteness of the facility and others.

Ramon Labañino, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters, who were given unfair and long prison terms in the United States,
Ramon Labañino, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters, who were given unfair and long prison terms in the United States,

Ana may call her mother once a week and speak with her for 15-20 minutes. She may not receive phone calls.
Currently, she may read books (sent from bookstores or publishers) and magazines. She may also watch documentaries and CNN.

Ana is in good physical condition and well-nourished.
She maintains no relationships with anyone in the prison and is always alone in her cell, where she has been confined for nearly 15 years.
According to this information, provided by the Cuban Committee for the Freedom of Ana Belen Montes, prison conditions are not as extreme as they were for over ten years, when she was being punished more severely for having prevented a direct act of aggression against Cuba through her intelligence efforts.

By virtue of the changes that have been taking place between the two countries and understanding this as an attenuating circumstance, Ana Belen Montes should be pardoned.

original in Spanish

Comite Amigos Puerto Rico: Solidaridad con Ana Belén Montes, presa política en EEUU

En el presente va la dirección postal y electrónica Ana Belén Montes, quien por 17 años desde la Agencia de Seguridad Nacional de Estados Unidos de América le informó al gobierno cubano de los actos terroristas que se planificaban en contra del pueblo cubano. Como deben de saber Ana Belén Montes aceptó 25 años de presidio en máxima seguridad y 5 el libertad bajo palabra luego de cumplir los 25 a cambio de que no la sentenciaran a la pena capital (muerte) por traición a Estados Unidos de América.

Ana , en un acto de suma valentía, le expresó al juez sentenciador que no se arrepentía de lo que había hecho porque lo hizo por conciencia ya que entendía una injusticia el que el gobierno de Estados Unidos de América quisiera imponerle a Cuba su sistema de gobierno y de economía.

Ana ya cumplió los primeros 15 años de prisión y ahora se encuentra sufriendo un cáncer en una de sus glándulas mamarias. Por lo que les solicitamos que se solidaricen con la campaña que iniciamos hace tres años demandando su libertad por su actuar ANTI TERRORISTA y le escriban expresándole su solidaridad.

Las direcciones son las siguientes: Ana Belen Montes, No. 25037-016,Carswell Detention Center 3000, Ist. Fort Worth, Texas76127. o la electrónica:


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