Sacramento Wobbly and German volunteer murdered by Turkish state.

Turkish airstrike kills two Western SDF fighters near Manbij – ARA News15267954_2052476088312105_3074493215761876110_n.jpg

8 hours ago –Manbij – Michael Israel from California and Anton Leschek from Bielefeld were killed in a Turkish airstrike on November 24. The two men were foreign volunteers, serving in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
 Anton Leschek adopted the nom de guerre Zana Ciwan after leaving Germany. Upon joining the SDF, he declared that “here people neither surrender to tyranny nor to terror; I will support this democratic revolution to the end.”

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

Michael Israel.Michael Israel.

With great sadness we learn that on 29th of November 2016, Fellow Worker Michael Israel, a founder member of Sacramento IWW, and six other people, were killed in a bombing raid by Turkish air force north of Raqqa, Syria. Michael was serving his second tour as a volunteer with the YPG.

In his own words:

“I am back in Rojava again and will be here for the next several months to do my part in defending the revolution.

The Rojava struggle is the most dynamic and ground breaking revolutionary movement of our time. I am determined that it is the job of leftist allies and internationalists to rally behind this movement, to help build it up and learn from it. Things that we may have only dreamed of in theoretical writing are acted upon in Rojava, modified and adapted to their struggle and made real. Rojava is doing…

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