Germany: Letter from anarchist comrade Siao, Hambach Forest defender released from jail


Insurrection News

*UPDATE* via Enough Is Enough!

We publish the letter of anarchist activist Siao. They were imprisoned on December 1, but released today. The letter was written during the time they were in prison.

Although cops evicted activists at Hambacher forest several times, parts of the forest are still occupied. The massive repression against activists did not stop the actions. The resistance against the destruction of the forest near Cologne, Germany continues. 


Thank you very much for writing (and for write to Hodei also).
I am really happy to hear about deathtrap tree, because I am totally in love with it. The cops made laught about me when I climbed down and kissed it before get arrested.

I am mostly fine, but about the stuff of moving down by our own… I was Feeling like strongly betraying myself (and the treehouse, and specially the hazelmouse living in there) and still…

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