#NoDAPL Solidarity Week of Action starts NOW as Drilling Begins

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Mobilize for #NoDAPL Solidarity Week of Action!

=The NoDAPL Global Solidarity Campaign has called for a Week of Action from February 12th – 17thThe Army Corps has approved the final easement and drilling has begun! The Solidarity Campaign is asking for supporters to take action and escalate pressure against corporations that are funding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

From #NoDAPL Solidarity:

We are calling all able bodied, prepared Water Protectors to the frontlines! Come to camp prepared! The conditions are hazardous and North Dakota State Legislature is passing laws that target Water Protectors! Be prepared for these conditions. Several contingents of US Veterans are on their way back to camp. Join us! We need you now! This is our last stand!

  1. Here are some corporations and banks (Banks, ACOE HQ’s, Corporate HQ’s, Trump Towers & Golf Courses)
  2. Here are some more specific institutions 🙂
    1. Here are some printable flyers.
    2. Here are some JPEG’s for social media.

For more information check out #NoDAPL Indigenous Land Defense & Strategic Solidarity: Pressuring Power and Capital.

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via Ciro Carrillo      Fight DESPAIR with DEFIANCE!
Be a Radical! Be Revolutionary! RESIST!
This is a video about how it’s totally way better to be a radical than it is to be a boring-ass liberal!  Are you ready to do more? Read this
Or start your own

Vancouver, WA: Oil-Trains Disrupted in Solidarity with #NoDAPL

from Puget Sound Anarchists
This is a claim of responsibility for causing disruption to the Pacific Northwest Corridor Rail Line north of Vancouver WA. On several occasions over the last few weeks, 6-Gauge Booster cables were attached to rail junctions at several points along the rail lines. Artificially triggering the railway signalling system. This is a low risk and easily reproducible form of sabotage that can potentially cause massive delays and economic losses to the everyday functioning of extraction industries.no-dapl

This particular railway was targeted because it is a key transportation route for crude oil from the Bakken region of North Dakota. Over 1000 “oil-trains” pass through this rail line annually. The practice of crude-oil-by-rail poses an immediate threat to local communities and ecosystems with the prospect of derailment always present. This is a direct act of solidarity with those continuing the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline in the face of recuperation and brutal government repression.


MASSIVE Fire Breaks Out At Pipeline In Paradis Louisiana And May Take DAYS To Burn Out  02/12/2017 

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