The Blanket Of Love For Gaza Project

The Militant Negro™


A wonderfully gifted woman and a magnificent human being whom i met on Twitter 2 years ago named  


By sewing this quilt, BY HAND. Now thats an magical feat on it’s own but get this…..Ms. Jane did not know the first thing about sewing. Thats correct, she had no knowledge of sewing. She learned how to sew by watching You Tube videos and started self teaching herself to sew.

Ms. Jane decided she was going to make this quilt the old fashioned way, by receiving swatches of fabric, donated to her by friends who shared her heartfelt empathy for the plight of the People Of Palestine

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2 thoughts on “The Blanket Of Love For Gaza Project”

  1. Thank you for sharing #BlanketofLoveforGaza it means a lot to me. The children of Gaza have endured three wars and yet they still smile. The least we can do for them is to provide more reasons for them to smile. Much love and respect. 🇯🇴💓😙


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