US must sign Peace Treaty. 10 million of us Could die in First day of a Korean War

Metro Seoul, the  25 m strong prosperous capital of Sth Korea is just 35 miles from the border with long range artillery, drones, nuclear missiles,  thousands of tons of chemical weapons, nerve gas, etc  ready to deliver in just minutes after Trump attacks.

Ten million innocent people could die in the first  hours of a war with North Korea. With its back to the wall the dictatorial Northern regime would certainly unleash armageddon. The Chinese would certainly intervene as history proves (to them) that such a war is a covert US attack on China.

The peace treaty proposed by China, Russia, Germany and now France must be signed by Trump. The US has never made peace 65 years after the war ended broken every agreement, and forced North Korea into a corner.

The US did have  a nuke deal with N Korea; then cynically trashed every single clause of it (see here)..  North Korea  is a dynastic oligarchy, now almost totally isolated and forced into a desperately dangerous nuclear gamble to prevent what they see is an imminent US/Korean/Japanese invasion led by an evident maniac, and awaiting the moment to blitz the south and go down fighting

‘Yet President Trump boasts in the United Nations of his plans to nuke North Korea’s 25 million people, exchanging outrageous puerile insults’.

Right now the only thing maintaining Trump in power is nationalist war fever whipped up  to boost the market for the military industrial war machine that the US depends on as its economic power is gradually eclipsed.

CONFIRMED: Germany supports the Chinese-Russian peace plan

Towards a Bilateral North-South Peace Treaty 

”What should be envisaged is the eventual signing of a bilateral Entente between the DPRK and the ROK, with a view to establishing Peace on the Korean Peninsula. In other words, the “state of war” between the US and the DPRK (which prevails under the armistice agreement) should in a sense be “side-tracked” and annulled by the signing of a comprehensive bilateral North-South peace agreement, coupled with cooperation, trade and interchange.Related image

In this regard, what underlies the 1953 Armistice Agreement is that one of the warring parties, namely the US has consistently threatened to wage war on the DPRK for the last 64 years.

The US has on countless occasions violated the Armistice Agreement. It has remained on a war footing. Casually ignored by the Western media and the international community, the US has actively deployed nuclear weapons targeted at North Korea for more than half a century in violation of article 13b) of the Armistice agreement. More recently it has deployed the so-called THAAD missiles, which are also directed against China and Russia”.Image result for US violated every clause of korean peace deal

This 20 September 2017 video is about United States President Donald Trump‘s threat of nuclear war about Korea.

It features part of speeches by Trump and by Adolf Hitler‘s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

In the wake of President Trump’s bellicose and menacing speech at the United Nations this week, the war of words between the US and North Korea has intensified, heightening the danger of catastrophic military conflict: here.

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