Christmas Behind Barbed Wire – ‘Cars Of Hope’ Supports Refugees on #Lesvos

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crowdfundingdezember2017englishChristmas Behind Barbed Wire – Cars Of Hope Supports Refugees on #Lesvos

On December 17th Cars of Hope activists from Wuppertal (Germany) and surrounding cities will head off to Greece to support refugees. Some of the Enough is Enough team will join them. The central work will take place on Lesvos.

Part of the group will stay until mid-January 2018. Misery is even harder during the cold season, several people suffered a painful death due to extreme temperatures last year. And the supply situation remains more than poorly: refugees staying in Moria Camp are served food only once a day.

With a capacity of 2000 people, Moria Camp is currently facing the challenge of supplying up to 5000. Other refugees live in one of two additional camps or are completely on their own.

Cars of Hope will support No Border Kitchen Lesvos who cook a great number of meals each day but also prepares foodboxes for refugees who have the possibility to cook on their own. If necessary we will also weld stoves as we did last year in Belgrad in collaboration with Soul Welders.

We’ll furthermore distribute toiletries and document the situation at site which will be published in social media to visualize how 21st century’s Europe treats refugees.

In addition to that we’ll support projects based in Athens like the City Plaza, a former hotel in which up to 400 refugees live without legal support. Hence the distribution of food, toiletries and other things for daily needs will be part of our work there as well.

Our work is based on your help. We are very thankful for your broad support within the past two years and we do hope that you keep it up and continue to donate. With each donation – be it small or large – you help refugees!

Crowdfunding campaign (For English: scroll down at the crowdfunding page):

PayPal account:

Here is a video that we produced in September 2017 (on Lesvos):

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