Femen and Reporters hold Solidarity Protest against Neo-fascist Erdogan in Paris

Erdogan has banned Gay Pride marches in Istanbul, the biggest in the ‘Muslim World’.

Erdogan, the ‘dictator for life’ has personally ordered a whole range of homophobic decrees against women,  lesbians , homosexual and trans people, as well as the massive purge against Kurds and opposition supporters..   see also  Femicide in Turkey 346 women murdered.

The Femen movement staged a protest in Paris yesterday against the visit of R.T. Erdogan. 

A group of activists dressed as topless waitresses denounced the “cannibal Erdogan” outside a restaurant where it seems he was scheduled to eat.

They showed messages affirming that the megalomaniac Islamist “eats the rights of the Kurds”, “human rights”, eats “the rights of women” and “of homosexuals”.

Four Femen members were arrested.

Reporters Without Borders also held a protest in front of the Turkish embassy over the situation of persecution of journalism in Turkey, censorship and totally unjust imprisonment of over 154 professionals in the sector.

see also> Erdogan Jails and Tortures 195,000 People who Might not Like Him. 512 Kids under 6 Years. 5,971 children

Erdogan responded at a press conference that journalists are “the water that moves the mill of terrorism with their ideas.”

Meanwhile the German government has responded positively to new tactic of ‘verbal rapprochement’ by the dictator. Erdogan is renewing his blackmail of the EU public, to add to the €3,200,000,000 acquired by threatening to ‘unleash a tidal wave of refugees’.

https://thefreeonline.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/afrincity-syriarevolution2011-ao3.jpgErdogan had again threatened to ‘cleanse’ the Kurdish Rojava area of Afrin in NW Syria. Turkish forces regularly shell Afrin from the North, killing civilians.

They have invaded Syria to the East to cut off support and are now setting up bases to the south of Afrin, with the excuse of policing Idlib.

Afrin city.. my wonderful home

Erdogan boasts again that he will destroy the YPG/YPJ in Afrin, now blackmailing the Russians to turn a blind eye.

For his next atrocity we may witness a huge dictatorial, religious, and highly racist and misogynist State invade the canton of Afrin, which is in the middle of a secular people’s democratic, feminist, ecological and anti nationalist revolution.

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