‘Renegades’ by Marissa Meyer – Justice or Anarchy? – you choose. Review and Download.

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Which Side Will You ChoosE  ??

Back in November last year I read an arc of Renegades by Marissa Meyer and if you’ve known me since then, you’ll be aware of how much I freaking loved it! I am in no way a superhero fan, it’s just not my thing, so the fact that Renegades was such an amazing read for me is extraordinary.

Line Breaker


Renegades trialsIn Gatlon City, the Renegades are everything any young prodigy should want to be: fighting for justice, defending the weak and protecting the city. In short – Heroes.

After the day of triumph over the rebel Anarchists, it was the Renegades who rebuilt the city on the smouldering remains of the old one, working tirelessly to heal the wounds that the villain gangs had left upon society. The Renegades provided shelter, created community gardens and agriculture when food in the city got scarce, they even set up schools to educate Gatlon’s children. As the Renegades grew stronger, so did the city…

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20180402_174328.jpgFor hundreds of years, prodigies spent their lives in hiding – hunted, feared and persecuted for their powers. Ace Anarchy changed all of that. He united the most powerful prodigies he could find and together they rebelled.

Prodigies banded together for the first time in history. Some full of resentment, others desperately trying to find an acceptance that never came. They demanded fair treatment and human rights and protection under the law, and in some countries, the panicking governments hastened to cater to them.. but in other countries, the rebellions turned violent. They called it the Age Of Anarchy.

What do I choose? Anarchy

My decision was quite easy. Nova is my girl and from the very beginning of the book, we learn that the Renegades didn’t keep their promise. They didn’t protect Nova’s family, but Ace Anarchy did. Nova wants vengeance and I want it for her. That might sound very bitter, but it is indeed just.

The Renegades aren’t all they seem to be. They may have wanted to protect and be genuine heroes to begin with, but as time has gone on and more and more prodigies have joined the Renegades, it’s not quite the valiant team anymore.In the story, the streets are still filled with poor people, who have crumpled houses and not a penny to their name, just trying to cling to some sort of life. The Renegades don’t quite have the same problem. The Renegades HQ building is a huge tower of glass and filled with all the luxuries you could ever want.

The Renegades don’t want for anything and it’s overindulgence to say the least. They live the lives of stars, heroes upon a pedestal and the vanity is sickening. They control everything. Is this what the Renegades were meant to be?

While the Renegades are free, the Anarchists are left to rot in the sewers that they call home. Scrounging for food, sleeping on make shift beds and in tents. In this right? Not in my opinion. The ‘choice’ of newborn prodigies was to submit to becoming a Renegade and live by their rules, becoming a puppet of sorts.

Or be an outcast, a supposed villain, forever hunted without a choice. We were all villains in the beginning, we weren’t given much of a choice.

Line Breaker

renegades paperback.jpgNeither side is totally bad or totally good, which is why it might be so difficult to choose. In my eyes the Renegades were trying to help to begin with, to create a type of government and a new world without villainy. But that got lost somewhere along the way and there are many secrets being kept from the public and even from some of the Renegades themselves.

So I choose the Anarchists, sometimes it’s good to be a little bad, right 😉

I’m really looking forward to the sequel, Arch Enemies, which is due to be released later this year. I’m excited to see where Nova and Adrian’s stories take them and how they will intertwine again. Is it too much to ask for a happy ending? Probably. Line Breaker


I’d like to thank Lucy at Macmillan for inviting me to join and for sending out the Renegades proof and swag, you are awesome!

If you’d like to read my review of Renegades you can find it here.

Go get your hands on that gorgeous paperback! And let me know which side you choose?!

Until next time ❣



Free Downloads of Renegades

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