Pola Roupa gets life plus 25 years jail accused of blowing up Greek Central Bank without victims.

Pola Roupa, a member of Greek urban guerrila group Revolutionary Struggle, has been sentenced to life and 25 years imprisonment over the bomb attack on the Greek National Bank and the offices of the IMF in Athens in April 2014.

The attack destroyed the front of the National Bank. Nobody was hurt, as people who conducted the attack took precautions and informed the authorities before the blast, allowing enough time for evacuation.

According to the prosecution, the attack could have been much more damaging if not for the security guard who managed to lower the metal shutters at the Greek National Bank before the evacuation, hence preventing the total collapse of the building. Should the building have collapsed it would likely have  resulted in the destruction of Greek banking system and massively damaged the Greek economy.

The life sentences confirm strategy of the Revolutionary Struggle, which considered that the major blows to key structures of an already weakened system in crisis, could cause its collapse.

The life sentences for the attack are not just about rabid revenge against the two unrepentant and consistent rebels who went into illegality in order to continue the actions of the organization.Part-PAR-Par7931317-1-1-0 I was, I am and I will be a member of the Revolutionary Struggle. If they think they can bend me, they are grossly mistaken. Maziotis

Roupa was sentenced despite of the prosecution being unable to prove that she personally took part in the attack. Instead she was convicted as the “leader” of the Revolutionary Struggle and “instigator” to these actions. Her comrade and life partner Nikos Maziotis is already serving 50 years sentence for his part in the attack.

In 2012, Roupa and Maziotis with their then baby son disappeared and went underground after the authorities were forced to grant them a conditional release from 18- month pre-trial detention in another Revolutionary Struggle related case. After their escape, they were both sentenced to 50 years in prison in absentia.

Despite being on a run, they both remained active members of Revolutionary Struggle. Maziotis was captured in July 2014. In February 2016, Roupa attempted to free him from jail by helicopter.

%cf%812016.. Fugitive Revolutionary Struggle member Pola Roupa implicated in Korydallos prison escape attempt>  She booked a flight to pick up 5 people on a pre-arranged route, but forced the pilot at gunpoint to change direction towards Korydallos prison. The pilot fought back, being a stupid ex cop hero, anarchistnews.org/c  he tried to take the pistol, leading to a mid air struggle which ended in the helicopter being brought down with two bullet holes in the windshield and one in the instrument panel.

 Pola managed to successfully flee the scene, and was finally arrested in January 2017 in her hide-out in the southern suburbs of Athens.

Following her arrest, both Roupa and Maziotis went on hunger and thirst strike in protest of the treatment of their then 6 year old son. After Roupa’s arrest, the child was held under armed guard in the hospital room and the police refused to allow family members or legal representative to visit him. It is unclear whether the child was interrogated during his detention. Eventually, the custody rights to the boy were granted to Roupa’s mother.

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Prison Break Attempt at Korydallos Via Helicopter

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