US forces Expensive Climate-lethal Fracked Gas on UK dependents


Seems like there may be a political agreement in the UK to buy much  more expensive US fracked gas and make the consumer pay.

The giant Shell-chartered 174,000-cbm LNG carrier Pan Europe is expected to arrive at the Dragon LNG facility in the Port of Milford Haven on October 31, according to the port’s shipping data.The tri-fuel diesel electric LNG carrier Pan Europe previously loaded a cargo at Cheniere’s Sabine Pass liquefaction and export facility in Louisiana, the data shows.

The UK’s Dragon LNG terminal has received a <a href=””>LNG </aFracked Gas cargo from Cheniere’s Sabine Pass export facility in Louisiana, USA.

Sabine Pass Cargo heading for Dragon LNG

The gigantic new Sabine Pass plant exports nearly 100% Fracked Gas sourced by a fast growing web of dangerous pipelines to the hundreds of thousands of Fracking wells blighting the USA.

        Destinations of US Fracked Gas as LNGChina was the biggest buyer of US Fracked gas after S Korea, (see chart) , with imports set to triple in the next few years in coal substitution. But in response to the 3rd round of US trade war tariffs on $200bn of goods China has slapped a 10% tax on US Fracked Gas imports, with a provision that it could rise in line with US import taxes.

Check out upcoming arrivals of US Fracked Gas from Sabine Pass and Cove Point at the Vessel Finder Site HERE …

Ironically in May 2018 China had offered to close the US trade gap with a huge increase in LNG imports. Now various reports suggest that Chinese imports of both oil and gas from the US neared zero in Sept 2018. Asia was the best market with higher prices. If the dispute continues Europe may receive even heavier pressure to import US Fracked gas.

As wide public solidarity has delayed and harassed the Fracking industry in the UK the Tory regime has bowed to US ‘Brexit blackmail’ and forced companies to accept more expensive US Fracked Gas. – “US forces EU into buying LNG – YouTube  “

In March 2018 a LNG Fracked Gas cargo from the US abruptly changed course for the UK Dragon terminal the day after a scandal erupted in Westminster due to 3 LNG cargoes of Russian origin arriving in previous months.


The US Fracked Gas has been shown to be at least twice as lethal for the world climate as coal, due to massive methane leaks. However the Trump led regime has cancelled all methane measuring regulations in the industry, despite a  a recent study from Harvard, and still sells the myth that gas is a less dangerous ‘transition fuel’.

U.S. And European Activists Host #BreakTheFrackingCycle demonstrations have sought to amplify, … fighting back against the expansion of fracked gas projects. If built, the Rio Grande LNG terminal would be the single-largest source emitter

Public Resistance in the US is limited as Water and Environmental laws were suspended for the gas and oil fracking entrepeneurs and compensation is impossible for the huge public and animal health epidemics caused by exploding lethal chemicals in huge quantities close to groundwater.

US Fracking has benefited from state support, free loans and exemption from environmental and climate costs. Even so the industry has always been close to bankruptcy, wells are short lived and up to half a million are abandoned, many with lakes of toxic chemicals.

Nevertheless Fracking has made the US self sufficient in energy, and the web of pipelines bringing the gas and oil mostly to the Texas Gulf coast has spawned a huge LNG export industry, now set to expand fivefold, and a giant LPG volume supplying a mushrooming plastics industry.

   Gulf Coast Fracked Gas pipeline projects Oct 2018

The latest US Fracked Gas cargo  was delivered onboard Maran Gas Maritime’s newbuild, the 173,400 cbm Maran Gas Spetses. The shipping data showed the vessel was scheduled to dock at the Dragon LNG terminal on October 8 2018.

The terminal at Waterston, Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire, is owned by Shell (50 percent) and Petronas (50 percent). The facility has a maximum gas send out rate to the NTS of 7.6 billion cubic meters of gas per annum. though it is the smallest of the UK terminals.

Environmentalists at the ‘Safe Haven’ campaign have long been worried about the possibility of an accident involving ships en route to South Hook and Milford’s other gas installation, the Dragon terminal, close to the village of Waterston.

June 2007 .. Dozens of people opposed to the Milford Haven gas pipeline set up a historic woodland camp at Penpont near Brecon. Some chained themselves to trees and have to be removed by police.Three years after work first began and a cost of £1bn the pipeline that links Milford Haven to the UK gas network was completed.

Protesters occupy section of pipelineAfter all, in 1996, a huge tanker called the  Sea Empress ran aground in the nearby Cleddau estuary, spilling 72,500 tonnes of oil : in terms of risk to human life a picnic compared to the dangers of a collision causing a large spillage of LNG, which would gassify at speed and form a flammable cloud. LNG often explodes on contact with water and the result woud dwarf a Nuclear Bomb explosion. The ships servicing the Dragon terminal through the busy harbour pass within 600m of the town of Milford Haven.


Plants to Export US LNG Fracked Gas, 2018.

Due largely to transport and logistics costs US Fracked Gas is at least 20% more expensive than other sources, even with discounts and hidden subjects. The much boasted aim to flood Europe with the gas and grab the Russian 30% of the market was a failure.

Gas shipped from the first US LNG export terminal was at one point priced in Rotterdam at $7.85 to $8.35  per mbtu  while the average Euro price was $ 5.35, (May 2017 European price, see Climate-lethal US frack-gas Not Competitive. Footnote 3) .

Efforts to force the Fracked Gas on Europe continue, with  open blackmail   of US dependent European states,  linking anti Russian sanctions relief to buying Fracked Gas and vetoing the Russian Northstream 2 pipeline. New terminals have been built in US friendly Lithuania and Poland, as well as a new scheme of discounts to the Henry Hub US pricing system the Fracked Gas is pegged to.

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