Biggest Stories of 2018: Israel Announced Apartheid, Shot Thousands of Civilians

Israel killed 253 Palestinians during Great March of Return
Palestinians carry the dead body of Faris Hafez al-Sarasawi, 12 years old Palestinian child who was killed by Israeli forces in “Great March of Return” demonstrations,

Israeli occupation forces have killed 253 Palestinian protesters and wounded thousands more during the “Great March of Return” protests in the besieged Gaza Strip, Quds Press reported yesterday.According to a report issued by Abdullah Al-Hourani Centre for Studies the Israeli occupation is withholding the bodies of 11 Palestinian martyrs killed during the protests.

Forty-five children were among those killed during the protests, the organisation said, including Bayan Abu-Khamash who was just 18 months old.In addition, it stated that Inas Abu-Khamas, a pregnant mother, two female paramedics and two journalists were also among the martyrs.

Meanwhile, the centre reported that 25,477 protesters were wounded, including 13,750 who were admitted to hospital and the others that were treated in the field.Some 4,379 children were among the wounded, half of them were shot or wounded by shrapnel as a result of artillery shelling and air strikes. It also stated that 2,050 men and 263 journalists were among the wounded.

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Biggest Stories of 2018: Israel Announced Apartheid, Shot Thousands of Civilians

By Juan Cole,

2018 was in many ways a turning point for the position of Israel in the system of Western, liberal, capitalist democracies. It had long sat uneasily among France, Britain, and the United States, inasmuch as it was founded on a formal racial supremacist principle that Jews must rule the state. Racism is important in the other democracies, as well, but it is not typically enshrined in the constitution. The French Rights of Man mentioned nothing about race.

After 1967, Israel acquired substantial colonial possessions in the form of the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza, in which its leaders began implementing a classic settler colonial regime reminiscent of Apartheid South Africa. The Israeli leadership egregiously violated international law by flooding their own citizens into a militarily occupied territory, and by extensively altering the lifeways of the…

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