New Feminist General Strike on 8th March 2019 – Spanish State

The 8M Commission calls for a feminist strike in 2019

The meeting of the  commission of the feminist movement that called the strike of March 8, 2018 has agreed on a new call for a Womens’ Strike for March 8th 2019.

It remains to be decided whether it will be mixed or only women will be summoned , but there is already confirmation: there will be a feminist strike. This has been agreed by the delegates gathered at the IV Feminist State Meeting of the 8M Commission, held in Gijón.Manifestación por el 8M, 2018 en Bilbao. EFE

Only Madrid and Extremadura assemblies remain to pronounce pending what their bases decide. At the moment, in what there is consensus is that the next appointment must “overflow the margins of the strike”, reaching more women and more spaces. Migrants remember in the debates that new spaces of struggle must be created because in the street they are vulnerable.

Now it is the territorial assemblies that have to work and land the convocation to their places.

Among the proposals, extend the day of struggle to eight days of actions that make visible, inform and train in the work spaces, in schools and on the street.

They start from the four main sides of the previous strike (labor, consumption, student and care) but open the door to new areas such as violence. They point out that the consumer and care strikes must be reinforced because of their anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist and anti-racist character.Manifestación por el 8M, 2018

After the debates, the women gathered in Gijón, Asturias, in this 4th Meeting of the 8M Commission, took to the streets of the city under the slogan ‘They hurt us one, they hurt us all’. The meeting continued on Sunday with spaces for debate and thematic analysis.

Convocada para el próximo 8 de marzo una huelga feminista

La decisión se ha tomado en el IV Encuentro Estatal Feminista de la Comisión 8M celebrado en Gijón.Manifestación por el 8M, 2018

Todavía restan flecos por acordar, como por ejemplo si será una convocatoria general o solamente para las mujeres. Entre algunas de las propuestas destacadas en este encuentro al que acudieron en torno a 600 participantes, destaca la de ampliar la jornada de huelga a ocho días, generando acciones que visibilicen el movimiento, informa el periódico El Salto.

El próximo encuentro estatal será el 26 y 27 de enero en Valencia. Será un espacio de debate y de construcción de la huelga feminista del 8M.

La huelga descansará sobre cuatro pilares principales, muy similares a los del año pasado. Los ámbitos laboral, estudiantil, de consumo y cuidados serán los ejes clave, que trabajarán con la intención de aumentar en número y en fuerza lo vivido el pasado 8 de marzo, según informa la Cadena Ser.

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