US betrays Rojava Revolution.. Protects ”Invasion Patrols” of Turkish ”Hitler”

 A spokesperson from a huge ongoing SDF/AA Assembly in Rojava announced on Sat 24/08/19 that  the Kurdish section of the federation will withdraw 5km from the Turkish border in favour of the local (mainly arab) Military Council in the border towns of Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn)and Girê Spî (Tell Abiad).

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Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn), occupied since neolithic times, may see the first joint US/Turkish ”Invasion Patrols”.

Earlier reports suggested that the 1st phase of the Turkish invasion may be between these two border towns. The area seems to be chosen as it is has a large Arabic community, maybe thinking they could be less hostile. However local Arab tribal leaders are also demonstrating strongly against the disguised invasion.

The operation mimics what happened in Manbij when Erdogan threatened annihilation by his jihadi FSA and ex Al Qaeda mercenaries and when joint US patrols warded off the threat with the Kurdish YPG/YPJ section of the SDF withdrawing from the local military council.

Only this time Turkish troops will be directly involved and historic evidence implies they will never leave, imposing Turkification, ethnic cleansing, strict islamic law and female subjugation.

Turkish propaganda also claims, as they did in Afrin, that ”Syrian refugees” will be relocated in the Invasion Patrols ‘Safe Zone’. The SDF welcomes the return of former residents but the reality is that hundreds of thousands of Turkish financed rightwing ‘rebels’ from all over Syria are being forced  out of Idlib and need ”relocating”.

(The over 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey (actually a smaller minority in a population of 81 million than the IDP’s hosted in Rojava and formerly Afrin) are being cruelly exploited as virtual black slave labour while being subsidised with billions of euros by the EU taxpayer with blatant blackmail threats to ” flood Europe” with them.)

 Worldwide mobilization for international action days

Action    Solidarity Picture  From Sweden to Greece, from Italy to Great Britain to Brazil – worldwide mobilization is taken…Read More

The SDF coalition of militias, of Rojava/Autonomous Administration(AA) though 70,000 strong, are facing a giant 639,551.[8] strong modern NATO army , led by an openly fascist, racist, misogynist and mass murdering expansionist regime, as being illustrated daily  in Afrin,  which could roll over them in days.

The troops of the ”Turkish Hitler”will be protected by the  USA which has the biggest military in history, financed by ‘infinite debt’ and by forcing the world to buy US dollars to trade

The hope in Rojava is that allowing the Turkish/US patrols could hold back Erdogan’s lust for blood and conquest, at least for the present. But previous Turkish ”operations” in Afrin, Jarablus, Aziz, Al Bab, Iblid, Hatay  and even in Iraq and Cyprus have all become permanent invasions, with rapid Turkification, currently expelling hundreds of thousands in Afrin.

Erdogan has repeatedly vowed to recapture all lands once held by the Ottoman Empire, so all Syria ‘belongs to Turkey’ and promised to settle Turks and Arab refugees in Rojava, expel the local Kurdish population and end the unique democratic revolution which has united all races and creeds and freed women in the Rojava Revolution from centuries of serfdom, as illustrated in Kobane, and many Kurdish towns.

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The proof of the unique Rojava revolution is evident including in the Arabic majority Manbij (which is just celebrating 3 years of freedom and prosperity) and even in the ex ‘ISIS capital’ Raqqa area which has doubled its population and taken up the revolution, despite continuing ISIS attacks, financed and armed via Turkey, and some resistance from conservative tribal leaders instigated from the Assad regime.

The flood of nazi propaganda from Turkey has always labeled the SDF as a terrorist threat, but the fact is that in 8 years there have been no cross border attacks. On the contrary there have been thousands of Turkish aggressions. Wikipedia is still banned in Turkey for mentioning them, along with this blog and many many more, but Google cannot be deleted so easily.

Most of the Syrian war with  up to 498,000 people dead has been largely financed and supplied across the Turkish border via Turkish war profiteers, always favouring extremist Islamic extremist gangs and training, paying and harbouring ISIS leaders.

Turkey can get away with these mega war crimes because the US was happy to foster chaos and regime change in Syria, while Russia wanted at all costs to entice Turkey away from NATO. So the Kurdish revolution was ignored, and the Kurds are still always banned from all and every negotiation due to racist Turkish threats.

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Finally today we have the ironic situation that in Rojava the only progressive, anti racist, multi religion, feminist, ecological and anti authoritarian revolution in the world can barely hold back a massive fascist military attack … under the protection, for its own imperial reasons, of the USA which on the other hand is promoting a host of illegal right wing terrorist attacks all around the planet.

Just days before beginning its incursions into Rojava, in the name of a ”Safe Zone”(read Turkification zone’) and a ”Peace Corridor (read Ethnic Cleansing Highway) Erdogan ordered the disqualification of the mayors of the 3 biggest Kurdish cities in Turkey, despite being newly elected by huge majorities.

24th August 2019.. Following the dismissal of three Kurdish mayors by the Turkish regime, KCK called for total resistance to fascism, authoritarianism and the repression of the AKP regime.ANF   Tweet   E-mail

Controlling the local councils has been a key to destroying the horizontal and feminist organisation of the ‘Kurdish Spring’.

Erdogan claims he is creating a ”Peace Corridor” with Turkish military patrols. The photo is Cizre city, one of many peaceful and prosperous Kurdish majority cities in Turkey, after Erdogan’s ”community policing patrols” in 2015.

Erdogan unilaterally provoked the end the Peace Process instigated by the imprisoned Kurdish leader Ocalan, and bombed  and burned Kurdish cities like Cizre and  Nusaybin  , inside Turkey but just a few kilometers from where Turkey now enters Rojava with US compliance and protection.

People continue to sit-in in Serê Kaniyê rejecting occupation  

The town of Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn) (where the Turks may have entered before you read this), may have a big  Arabic community, but it has suffered heavily from Turkey and the population has supported the SDF coalition. In recent weeks they have had continuous deminstrations denouncing the imminent invasion..

Serêkaniyê (Ras al Ayn) is famous for it epic liberation from a Turkish supported rebel occupation which morphed into extreme fundamentalist terror.   People's Defense Units defending Ras al-Ayn against al-Nusra Front terrorists (8).jpgIn July 2013, the battle’s final phase erupted and ended when an alliance of Kurdish leftist PYD-led troops (including Syrian government loyalists) completely expelled the Al Qaeda rebels from Ras al-Ayn.

Now it is threatened again with a return of social relations ‘to the middle ages’.

Recent Turkish threats have been widely rejected in various cities in the north and east of the country with thousands of Syrians staging a sit-in in Kobani, Serekaniye and Gri Spi / Tal Abyad areas near the Turkish border.

Image result for Ras al-Ayn/Sere Kaniye .

The human shield action in Serêkaniyê is on its 16th day. The human shields are protesting the threats of occupation issued by Turkey.

Speaking at the action, Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria deputy co-chair, Hemdan El-Ebid said Turkey is threatening to invade areas of North and East Syria to settle terrorist groups there as it did in Bab and Afrin.

El-Ebid underlined that in the North and East of Syria peoples from different identities and beliefs are living together in a common way. He also reminded the resistance and victory of the SDF forces against ISIS and the Turkey-affiliated mercenary groups. “Turkey – he said – wants to fulfill the tasks of ISIS.”

Turkey does not want a safe zone in North and East Syria, said El-Ebid, “Turkey wants a surrender area. We tell the people in Turkey to go back to their own lands….”

Turkish PM: ”We will put 350,000 ‘Syrians’ into Afrin”,

– After expelling Kurds and 170,000 internal refugees -Turkey is openly conducting a policy of “ethnic cleansing” in the Afrin area

“Once we have purged the terrorists (from Afrin) we will then cleanse them from Manbij, Ayn al-Arab, Tal Abyad, Ra’s al-Ayn and Qamishli,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey completes the 764km moveable wall and tightens the Economic and human Blockade against Rojava /Autonomous Administration (AA)

Completed in June 2018, the 764km wall is built from seven-tonne concrete blocks, topped with razor wire. It is reminiscent of the barrier erected by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Turkish state media agency Anadolu, meanwhile, has boasted that the wall possesses an array of military hardware including “thermal cameras, land surveillance radar [and] remote-controlled weapons systems”.

Isolating communities

The first section of the wall went up in 2013, dividing the Kurdish communities of Qamişlo (Syria) and Nusaybin (Turkey). Local people dubbed it the “wall of shame” and resisted its construction.

Huge forklifts are ready to move the wall forward to seal off the 5km, 11km and planned 30km ”Safe Zones” to be ethnically cleansed.

The TEV-DEM chairman, Hiso,  also gave a speech at the protest site in Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn), condemning the threats made by the Turkish state. Remarking that the hostile policy of Turkey is not only directed against Syria, but also against its neighbors,

Hiso said: “Turkey wants to expand its territory to its neighboring countries. This is also shown by the threats against North and East Syria. However, we will not allow the Turkish state to expand its territory over the lands of Syrian people.”

“There are international conventions on borders between countries. The Turkish state must respect these conventions and all other states must put pressure on Turkey to comply with international law.”

Lastly, Xerîb Hiso said: “The peoples of northern and eastern Syria reject a Turkish occupation of their lands. We resisted ISIS and liberated our country. In the same way we will fight against a Turkish occupation. After all, we have freed these lands to live here peacefully and freely. That’s why we will not leave them to Turkey.”

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