The Turkish paid terrorists who killed and mutilated Hevrin Khalef and eight more..

Now with Russian help and protection, Erdoğan’s objective remains: first to ethnically cleanse a 30km strip of Rojava ( Let’s not forget Russia criminally gave the ‘airspace permission’ to bomb invade and occupy Afrin)

Turkey has expelled 300,000 people from their homes, and as in Afrin you can be sure every obstacle will prevent their return. Their farms and properties are already being occupied by imported Al Qaeda, ISIL and jihadi terrorists intent on pillage, rape, kidnapping as as happens in Afrin .

Next thing #Turkification and extreme islamifucation will begin here as well, suppressing local culture, forcing Turkish, and extending Turkish institutions. (see Turkish policy of Turkification and demographic change in Afrin)

And let’s not forget this was only the first step in the plan to destroy the wonderful multi-ethnic, multi religion and feminist Rojava Revolution.(see also Crimes of the Turkish Occupation Army Against the Civilians)

MSD denounces Turkish war crimes in northern Syria #ChemicalAttackOnKurds #Turkish War Crimes #SDF #TwitterKurds #YPG @LongLiveRojava
#TurkishWarCrimes #RiseUp4Rojava #KurdsFreedomConvoy #WomenDefendRojava # @CommuneInt


Turkey’s undeclared war on the Kurds is supposedly now on pause. Though president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s objective remains: to ethnically cleanse a 30km strip of Rojava (the mainly Kurdish territory of north Syria). During the week that led up to the ‘ceasefire’, numerous Turkish-backed Islamist and jihadist brigades swept across the border in a terrifying killing spree. One of the more appalling killings was that of Syrian-based Kurdish politician and human rights advocate Hevrin Khalef. Her body was mutilated.

Khalef’s alleged murderers have now been identified and revealed together with militias believed to have committed similar atrocities.

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