UK govt ‘moratorium’ stops fracking in England,

No longer ‘glorious’? UK govt ‘bans’ fracking in England, admitting modern tech can’t predict earthquake threat & impact

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson gears up for a snap election, his government made a surprise U-turn on shale gas extraction, citing public concerns and technological limits on predicting the impact of fracking on the environment.

Johnson’s administration announced on Friday that it would “take a presumption against” any new fracking projects, “until compelling new evidence is provided.” While the move was presented as an immediate moratorium on the controversial practice, the official announcement makes clear the government would still consider requests for fracking licenses “on their own merits,” potentially rendering the decision a virtue signal to Green voters in the upcoming poll.

While future applications for Hydraulic Fracturing Consent will be considered on their own merits by the Secretary of State, in accordance with the law, the shale gas industry should take the government’s position into account when considering new developments.

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The decision follows a new scientific study published by the Oil and Gas Authority, which found it was impossible to rule out “unacceptable impacts” on communities located near fracking sites, nor to forecast the “probability or magnitude of earthquakes linked to fracking operations.”

Critics of fracking – which involves pumping chemicals into the ground at high pressure to fracture shale rock and free the gas stored within – have long slammed the practice for its unpredictable effect on the environment, as well as for keeping the UK reliant on fossil fuels, which many environmentalists would like to someday phase out.

BEST COMMENT … Being as BoJo’s such a bare-faced liar, any person with an ounce of common sense knows he’ll green-light fracking, should he become the Uk’s (officially elected) PM. Btw…I thought he said he’d rather “die in a ditch,” should he miss his self-imposed October 31st Brexit deadline? How come he’s still walking and talking, in that case? Where’s that ditch he promised us?

The government also confirmed it would not proceed with “proposed planning reforms for shale gas developments,” which have been in the works since last year, but will now be shelved.

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In contrast to Friday’s move, Johnson previously hailed fracking as “glorious news for humanity,” and called on UK developers to “leave no stone unturned, or unfracked” in their quest for shale gas, but with a snap election in December fast approaching, the PM may be angling to appeal to voters outside of his right-of-center base.

The move might be explained more simply, however, after a study published in August found there was likely far less shale gas on Old Blighty than was previously thought, with fracking only able to contribute a decade’s worth of fuel to the country – five times less than 2013’s estimate.

The UK govt reassured Britons, thousands of whom die each winter because they can’t heat their homes, that as the country works to transition to the bright future of renewable energies, it would work to maintain stable and “diverse gas supplies” from other sources

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In USA frackers are poisoning water, land & air-turning no profit & according to many oil insiders will go bankrupt leaving taxpayers once again on the hook for at least 100’s of $billions to clean the environmental disasters- just look at abandoned sites in Wyoming for the future of all fracking operations

Their main goal is to make billions of dollars, nothing else.

Fracking wells are currently costing more to produce the natural gas than what it sells for. The demise of fracking will come as its viability as a production method just becomes unattainable for fracking companies

It’s alarming to see mankind poisoning and destroying the environment at an accelerated rate around the world.ReplyShare17 Likes

(((Who))) owns the banks writes the rules

No longer ‘glorious’? UK govt ‘bans’ fracking in England, admitting modern tech can’t predict earthquake threat & impact

Mankind lived it fairly decent harmony with nature for about 50,000 years. And has almost destroyed the environment in the 175 years since the industrial revolution. Massive overproduction to feed, house and clothe a population that is out of control. Earth did quite well at around 100 mil people, even up to a billion people, for thousands of years.

Tell your American kid to go frack himself, instead of stealing Syrian oil!

We’re not America, our kids still have a chance.

  • Reeeeeely hey?😂😂😂😂😂

LikesIf you take oil and gas out of the earth and replace it with water even dummys like me know there will be consequences

  • Water is denser than gas. It should make the land about more stable.

Anything but use cheap Russian Gas even if it means destroying the ground beneath us, total madness.

What about the toxic cocktail they pour into the ground…. What a disgusting world we are now living in…

It should be made unlawful to carry out any forms of fracking within the UK but made unlawful to import gas extracted from fracking. The dangers of fracking are already coming to light. The Earth is fragile. Solar panels should be fitted to every home and business, wish I could afford to fit them to my house.

  • why didnt you get em for free ? ,when it was offered ?

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