Nigeria: Cocoa costs the life of the gorillas

World Animals Voice

Who likes chocolate that has been destroyed by forests where gorillas live?
This is exactly what is happening in Nigeria: cocoa farms invade the last retreat of the endangered primates.

The overexploitation is fueled by the lust of chocolate lovers in Europe. But the forest of the gorillas must not die for sweets.
Cross River gorillas are the most endangered great ape in Africa with only 200-300 individuals remaining in the wild.

Cross river Gorillajpg

Nigeria gives rise to despair and hope at the same time: the country’s forests are almost completely destroyed, 96 percent have disappeared. The state of Cross River in the southeast is a ray of hope. The forests are among the most biodiverse in the world and even offer gorillas a habitat.


But Cross River also loses forest: In 2017, more than 16,000 hectares were destroyed. That is four times more than last year. The main causes…

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