Erdogan jails 9 Kurdish feminists and two more elected deputies… etc


Translations from KurdisCat. shared with thanks

Turkey imprisons 9 Kurdish feminists for singing “Feminicide is political”
on Sunday, May 31, 2020
The women’s association Rosa (Rosa Kadın Derneği) shared the message of nine of its members arrested last week in Amed (Turkish: Diyarbakır). The nine women, including Kurdish politicians and elected officials, are among 12 people jailed last Sunday for “belonging to an illegal organization,” as part of an investigation opened by the Diyarbakır prosecutor’s office against the Rosa women’s association. .

From the Diyarbakir women’s prison, where they are detained, they sent this message, through their lawyers:

“Many thanks to all the women’s associations, our comrades, our lawyers and our elected officials who have shown solidarity with us, demonstrating the strength that is the struggle of women and how united we are. We know that no power cannot resist this solidarity and the struggle of women.

Let it be known that we will never stop singing: “Feminicide is political”, “Women want peace”, “Women are life, do not kill life” “Because we know how fair our struggle is. The future will be better. Don’t worry, we’re fine.”

The Turkish Parliament sacks 2 more Kurdish deputies who are immediately imprisoned

The Halkların Demokratik Partisi (HDP, People’s Democratic Party)alkların Demokratik Party) has condemned the decision to deprive parliamentary co-president of the Congress of the Democratic Society (DTK) and HDP MP for Hakkari, Leyla Güven, of parliamentary immunity. HDP MP for Amed, Musa Farisoğulları, and Republican People’s Party (CHP) MP for Istanbul Enis Berberoğlu.
“We believe that the withdrawal of the immunity of these deputies is a further violation of the will of the people. The elections and their results cannot be changed by a handful of tyrants. We are creating resistance against the declared war on the Kurdish people. “.

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DKK co-chair and HDP MP for Hakkari Leyla Güven was arrested at her home in Amed. While she was being detained, Güven said, “The last time we got out of here on a stretcher, now we’ll get out like this,” referring to her successful hunger strike, when she led hundreds of hunger strikers to eventual victory in opening communication with the long jailed revolutionary leader Ocalan. Leyla was soon released on this occasion but remains banned from parliament, like most Kurdish MPs.

Amed’s Prosecutor’s Office (in Turkish Diyarbakir) had issued an arrest warrant for both deputies. HDP MP for Amed, Musa Farisoğulları, was jailed after being detained at Brasslik police station on his way to Ankara on the Amed-Urfa road.

A Kurdish man stabbed to death for listening to Kurdish music

Barış Çakan, 20, born in Patnos in Ağrı, Kurdistan, and a resident of Ankara, was stabbed to death. His family said he left the house in Emitsgut district around 2:15 a.m. yesterday to go with some friends to a nearby park.

After leaving the house, Barış Çakan was attacked by three men who stabbed him. He was stabbed in the heart and died. Before leaving, Barış Çakan had listened to Kurdish music on the balcony. Three Turkish suspects were arrested: they were apparently registered in Yozgat, Kırıkkale and Tokat. Doğan Çakan said the young victim had already been attacked in the past for listening to Kurdish music.

Barış-s death is typical of the onging racist pogroms against Turkey-s 20 miullion Kurdish people, as well as other minorities.

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