Brain Parasite Toxoplasma may be a cause of Trump Megalomania

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Is the Toxic Cocktail of chemicals Making Americans Aggressive, Neurotic and Stupid

A parasite carried by cats and known to suppress fear may be the key driver behind the decisions of people infected by it to make bold moves and chronic risk taking, which could include firing workers, destroying rivals, manic mysogyny and other capitalist behaviours, a new study by The Royal Society B has revealed.Related image

Toxoplasma Gondii is a parasite that affects many warm-blooded animals, but cats are its only known definitive host, in which it can reproduce. The parasite is peculiar because it is known to suppress fear and encourage risk-taking in some animals like rats, who thus become more vulnerable to a preying cat.

The new research, published in the journal Proceeding of the Royal Society B, points to a similar effect Toxoplasma has on humans. The researchers found people with toxoplasmosis are more likely to have…

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