Anarchist Prisoners in the rotating Hunger Strike in Spanish State

Oct 27 2020 0 By thecollective

from Act for freedom now!

Spain: 14 anarchist/libertarian prisoners take part in a rotative hunger strike

Rotative hunger strike in Spanish prison

Since last 1st of September 2020 at least 14 prisoners, mostly anarchists, are taking part in a new rotative hunger strike against the precarious health conditions in the Spanish prisons.

They have presented also a 14 point program against isolation custody (FIES/DERT), tortures and physical and psychical violence from the prison guards, dispersion of prisoners far from their homes, etc.

Each comrade is doing a 10-days-hungerstrike, one following other, every month 3 prisoners.

Violence in Spanish prisons is very common, every year 200 prisoners die inside Spanish prisons violently or from drugs, lack of medical attention or diseases. At present in corona times, the conditions in jail are unbearable (bad food, no activities, no visits…).

Last month of August our comrade Carmen Badía Lachos was violated b y a prison guard inside the ‘hospital’ part of the Zuera-prision (Zaragoza).

She suffers cancer and uses a wheelchair to move, so this psychopath had an ‘easy game’ to act like a coward. Carmen did a public communique about this misogynist crime. Last year Carmen did a very long hunger strike (more than 2 month) to denounce her health conditions and get released from prison because of her incurable cancer. The prison-administration denied her petition… The violator got death threats from an anonymous prisoner.

Long term prisoner Claudio Lavazza in August was brought back to Spain in August after being judged in Paris for a big bank-robbery (in 1978) for which he got sentenced to 41 years and later to ten years of prison in France! Claudio was arrested in 1996 after a bank-robbery in Cordoba where 2 cops died in a gun battle.

Also our anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva is still in prison , right now in the jail of Leon. He got transferred from Aachen/Germany in 2013 to Spain with the special condition that he just had to finish his sentence from Germany in Spanish prisons and then he’d be free from all anterior sentences. So in 2016 he became free.

But his freedom in Spain didn’t have a long stand… just because one judge from Girona decided that Gabriel should finish his 30-years-sentence from 1990… that would be 16 years more behind bars!Now his friends and comrades try to bring the case to the superior tribunal of justice, so the last word is still not decided.

Solidarity with the anarchist/revolutionary prisoners all around the world!

Down with all prison walls! Tags: Spain anarchist prisoners hunger strike Carmen Badía Lachos Claudio Lavazza Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

Enough 14 -- Its time to revolt! - -Debriefing and propositional ...


update: Gabriel resists extradition as Spain asks 16 yrs more .. he already did 30 yrs!

#FreeGabriel: Request for financial support for the legal defense of Gabriel Pombo Da Silva — Enough 14 –

‘Until We Are All Free’..Diary and Ideas of an Anarchist Bank Robber.. PDF

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