A Kurdish filmmaker sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for major Docu on Rojava.. Watch Here

on Monday, November 23, 2020

Kurdish filmmaker Kutbettin Cebe has been sentenced to almost two and a half years in prison in Turkey for his documentary “Roza – The Land of the Two Rivers” about the Rojava revolution.

Kutbettin Cebe – Challenge

The documentary is a collective work made by Komina Film Rojava, an entity that wants to delve into the audio-visual work to explain the revolution in Rojava and with which we collaborate from KurdisCat.

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The documentary is telling the Rojava Revolution, with stories of Assyrian, Kurdish, Arabic people. This people are subjected to the ISIS attacks, on the other hand they are trying to build a communal system like democratic autonomy. This struggle is not easy in a region like Syria, where the war continues and showing the effects on people’s life.

‘Roza – Welatê du Çeman’, the country of the two rivers aims to show, first hand, and with high quality filmed examples, the reality of the revolution: assemblies, parties, funerals, the vision of the Arab community involved in the Rojava project.

The revolution had to be filmed. And it has been with the price of prison.

ROZA - The Country Of Two Rivers (2016) TRAILER (Rojava Documentary) -  visionOntv

ROZA – The Country Of Two Rivers (2016) TRAILER (Rojava Documentary)
Watch (2:14)

Un cineasta kurd condemnat a 2,5 anys de presó per un documental

a dilluns, de novembre 23, 2020

El cineasta kurd Kutbettin Cebe ha estat condemnat a gairebé dos anys i mig de presó a Turquia pel seu documental “Roza – La terra dels dos rius” sobre la revolució de Rojava.

El documental és una obra col·lectiva realitzada per Komina Film Rojava, una entitat que vol aprofundir en la tasca àudio visual per explicar la revolució a Rojava i amb la que col·laborem des de KurdisCat.

‘Roza – Welatê du Çeman’, el país dels dos rius pretén mostrar, de primera mà, i amb exemples filmats d’alta qualitat, la realitat de la revolució: les assemblees, les festes, els funerals, la visió de la comunitat àrab implicada en el projecte de Rojava.

La revolució havia de ser filmada. I ho ha estat amb el preu de la presó.

Mike Gilliland Some of many comments on You Tube

Act Free

Act Free 3 years ago Solidarity, comrades. 52

xyz zyx2

xyz zyx2 3 years ago Wish you the very best from Poland. Fight for your rights! 17

samuel champagne

samuel champagne 2 years ago A lot of people seem to confuse Rojava with statist communism. Here, everyone is involved in the decision-making process so when something is happening, is born of a consensus that slowly emerged from various conceptions of the situation. Its not an emotional response like a mob, its not disconnected bureaucrats who are accountable only to an even more disconnected leadership. There is an anticapitalist notion, that people shouldn’t be allowed to be hungry when some richer neighbor is hoarding food to jack up the price of goods to profit from desperate people. But instead of forcing that notion down people’s throat, they are doing it through a dialogue where they explain how a decision came to happen, concede to genuine argument and produce a compromise when possible.

more videos..

18:39 David Graeber – Syria, Anarchism and Visiting Rojava Real Media 71K views

42:57 The Communes of Rojava: A Model In Societal Self Direction Neighbor Democracy 48K views

some of many You Tube Comments

Rejith Ramakrishnan

Rejith Ramakrishnan 3 years ago solidarity comrade’s. from India 12

king of horn african.

king of horn african. 3 years ago kurdish people are hero. 41


rvaclavek 3 years ago solidarity from Detroit 26


Rubaedo 3 years ago Solidarity from the US. Live well, fight on. A better world is possible. 20

NottmCityMonitor Project

NottmCityMonitor Project 3 years ago Thankyou for this very well made documentary. Power to the Revolution! 30

Austin B

Austin B 3 years ago Great Job! 26


Retrofire 1 year ago Remarkable filmography. Thank you for documenting such a niche subject. 2

Amy J Smith

Amy J Smith 2 years ago Thank you, excellent look into the real life practice of democracy. A shame we in Western nations can’t accomplish this even though we aren’t fighting war on our own lands. ♡◇ Sending light. ✊✊ 1

Comrade Józef

Comrade Józef 4 months ago Sehid namirin! Victory to the Revolution in Rojava! 2

Szamir Tomkowicz

Szamir Tomkowicz 3 years ago viva peoples revolution, viva apo, viva anarkiya 4

Thomas Murphy

Thomas Murphy 3 years ago Is that Michel Foucault resurrected in 17:44 ? 1

brandon jourdan

brandon jourdan 1 year ago Is there anyway to contact the filmmaker?


#LiveLoveOrDice 2 years ago12:30 @EuniceAproDitOis


Balzo 2 weeks ago Long live Rojava of Kurdistan. The sacrifice of the Kurdish people has been too great to defeating terror in the middle east.

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