Prohibiting hunting is the only reasonable thing – #StopHUNTING

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by. Marco Aurelio: Posted on 11/30/2020 by Pepe Galindo

In countries where HUNTING is FORBIDDEN, the ban was first talked about and they said it was impossible. Then it was accepted as possible and beneficial. And finally hunting was prohibited. Moral: Let’s talk about PROHIBITING HUNTING because it is possible, legitimate and ethical.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Junta de Andalucía (PP) authorizes hunters to move freely while the rest of us cannot go from one town to another. There is more freedom to kill than to enjoy Nature while respecting it. You cannot change your location to have a sandwich in the countryside, but if you go hunting you can freely roam Andalusia (and even go to Castilla-La Mancha). It is another of the aberrations of the PP against animals and the environment.

Hunters claim that they are essential for the maintenance of populations. That is its main argument for existing. And it is totally false: hunting does not serve to control populations, because that is not the objective and, even if it did, the problem with hunting is its lack of animal and environmental ethics (contamination by ammunition, death of other species, even protected …).

Just think that hunters – invariably men – do not hunt for the love of nature. They hunt because they like to kill. That is the only reason that moves them. If they did not like to sharpen their aim to kill, they would not go out into the field, no matter how much it took to control the populations.

How many hunters plant trees? We do not know. But we do know of many forest plants that do not hunt.
Are there really over-populations and hunting is essential?

On this we must expose four basic ideas:

Hunters artificially breed and feed game species, then release and shoot as they flee. There are many images about this, very unfortunate. The hunting business generates overpopulations and then the hunters pretend to become the controllers of nature and the saviors of the planet with bullets.
When there are overpopulations - sporadically - it is because predators are lacking, precisely because hunters kill them. The same hunters who claim that there are overpopulations to hunt also defend hunting the wolf, the most natural predator. Is that love of nature or love of firearms?
There are ethical ways to control potential overcrowding. The problem occurs when there is no ethics, but rather the desire to shoot. In the Netherlands, for example, ethical methods are applied, such as the sterilization of females.
Hunting is the direct cause of the extinction or decline of hundreds or thousands of species (since the origin of Homo sapiens, and we have not learned anything even with the pandemic, and some still do not want to learn). Hunters not only shoot at what they claim to hunt, but kill many other species along the way. For example, recently in Huesca a hunter killed a bear (protected species) and on the same day, in Palencia, another hunter killed another bear. They are too frequent “alleged accidents”, to which we must add those that are not published. In the middle of a forest, who knows what each hunter shoots? We cannot afford to put more species in danger; but the list grows every year.

What mental health and ethical training do hunters have, if it is easier to get a gun permit than a driving license?

Hunting is another stronghold of a patriarchy in crisis. Most men do not like to kill animals. The percentage is almost 100% among women. Once again, feminism teaches lessons in responsibility, empathy, and sustainability. Just as there can be no environmentalism without minimalism, neither can there be feminism without animalism. They are paths that go hand in hand.

If we want to build a peaceful, ethical and sustainable society, we must urgently ban hunting, as other countries have done. It is something that will be done sooner or later and hopefully it will be at the same time as the abolition of bullfighting.

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