Patriarchy and sexual violence. From complicity to resistance

Marc Hudson

Content warning: discussion of rape, suicide, complicity.

I knew the woman who is at the centre of the allegations of rape against the Attorney-General of Australia, Christian Porter (allegations he denies).

Her family have asked for her not to be named, and although her name is now circulating in corners of the Internet, their wishes should be respected.

She was smart, funny, talented. I knew her at Adelaide University in 1990 and 1991. We were not close friends, but we enjoyed each others company, and I had respect for her intelligence (which was, as others have said), formidable.

She never told me anything about what had happened to her, and that is a relief, because I know I would not have been a good ally. I know this because less than two years later I was not a good ally to someone I knew less well who told me that…

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