Toxic masculinity, the nuclear lobby and its climate change confidence trick

In 2021, not only viruses, but also ideas, are sweeping around the world. There is a renewed global push for equality for women. A newly revitalised movement to end racism. The pandemic means that the health of each nation now depends on the health of all nations. The climate crisis is headed to affect the whole world…

Curiously absent from these global anxieties is the nuclear threat. Nuclear war could annihilate not only millions of people, but also our chances of a liveable climate. Nuclear pollution affects mainly indigenous peoples , just as nuclear weapons testing was cheerfully imposed by the rich nations on distant indigenous lands.

Nuclear wastes keep accumulating, with no solution as to where to put them. Governments are conned by gee-whiz nuclear salesmen into pouring our tax-payers’ money into dead end Small Nuclear Reactor shemes, and propping up old decrepit Big Nuclear Reactors.

Bella Caledonia it's time to get above ourselves

If we’re really getting serious about world health, about equality for women, and indigenous rights – then why on Earth are we tolerating the continuation of the Toxic Masculine Nuclear Culture?

They’ll tell us that we can’t understand nuclear issues – only the toxic masculine nuclear experts can. So leave nuclear decision making to them?

Nuclear Power

They’ll bend over backwards to entice and promote women into the industry (preferably bimbos if at all possible). They’ll decry women’s ignorance, and some men’s too – people with strong knowledge of environment, history – all those soft humanities issues.

But they know, as we all do, that women overwhelmingly distrust nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and so do indigenous peoples.

No se puede descartar el estallido de una guerra nuclear ...

As world leaders prepare for the COP Climate Conference in Glascow in November, the unscrupulous nuclear lobbyists are trying every bribe, every trick in the book, to get nuclear accepted as ‘clean’. They’re desperate, as nuclear power is a financial disaster – and they want the tax benefits and subsidies that go with being accepted as ”clean” ”sustainable”

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