Spycops, union victimisation, and action against Kier’s prison profiteering

full info here: Police Spies Out of Lives

Kate Wilson

Cautiously pessimistic

A few quick notes:

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 20th, Kate Wilson will be appearing in court in London as part of an ongoing case she’s bringing against the cops who spied on her:

“Kate Wilson was deceived into a long term intimate relationship by Mark Stone, who she now knows was undercover police officer Mark Kennedy.

A decade after Kate’s legal case against the police began, it concludes with a hearing at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal from 20th-28th April.

Among other issues, this case will examine sexist discrimination within the Metropolitan Police Service, and the systemic disregard for women’s fundamental human rights between 1998 and 2010.

Her case refers to the actions of at least 6 different undercover officers serving in the secret political spycops units, the Special Demonstration Squad and the National Public Order Intelligence Unit, during that time.

Kate has already received startling admissions that the police breached…

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