End the genocidal Sanctions Siege of Syria!… video

The European Union has renewed its sanctions against Syria. No one has ever told you this, but for more than five years now the European Union has been blocking Syrian oil exports and financial transactions and the sale of basic necessities to the Syrian people.

With one exception: this does not apply to the zones controlled by ‘rebel militia’ who thus are able to export petroleum and import arms. These five years of sanctions, just like those in Iraq after 1990, have caused famine, misery epidemics and unemployment: millions of people forced to flee – seven million evacuees and four million refugees who are now on Europe’s doorstep.

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Let’s end these sanctions against Syria! Syrian Catholic leaders, who have been assisting the population for five years now, have issued an appeal which we ask you to sign on line and share with friends.

In these years, sanctions on Syria have helped to destroy Syrian society and sentenced it to hunger, epidemics and poverty, encouraging the activism of fundamentalist and terrorist militia fighters who now strike in Europe too. And all this have been added to the casualties of a war that has already caused 250,000 deaths, six million displaced persons and four million refugees.

petition closed… had 8,685 supporters

https://www.change.org/p/european-uni…​ Comitato italiano contro le sanzioni alla Siria http://www.bastasanzioniallasiria.org


May 1, 2021

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