Bombshell Report reveals covid spike protein causing deadly blood clots, and it’s in US Covid Vaccines

Update 28/05/2021..disclaimer

Various pro-vaxxers have now denied the suggestion by anti-vakkers that the billions of Spike Proteins in the vaccines could also get into our vascular system, (as they do according to Salk and others, in the actual virus, see below), causing potentially terrible long term injuries, also to the brain. They cite the changes made in the spike proteins in the vaccines to stabilize them for effectivity. Hopefully they are right but even the Nature study or official safety reports make no mention of these changes as safety features, and the vascular connection was unknown or ignored. So we don’t know.. but there is more, much much more

The novel coronavirus' spike protein plays additional key ...

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Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in the covid vaccines

Some excerpts:

”The prestigious Salk Institute, founded by vaccine pioneer Jonas Salk, has authored and published a bombshell scientific article revealing that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is what’s actually causing vascular damage in covid patients and covid vaccine recipients, promoting the strokes, heart attacks, migraines, blood clots and other harmful reactions that have already killed thousands of Americans (source:”.

Critically, all four covid vaccine brands currently in widespread use either inject patients with the spike protein or, via mRNA technology, instruct the patient’s own body to manufacture spike proteins and release them into their own blood.

This floods the patient’s body with the very spike protein that the Salk Institute has now identified as the smoking gun cause of vascular damage and related events (such as blood clots, which are killing many people who take the vaccines).

The spike proteins can infiltrate via the vascular system to attack your brain, your heart, your liver, your kidneys…

This explains the mystery of ”long covid”, of ‘brain fog’ when no evidence could be found of covid crossing the brain barrier, , of bloodclots and heart attacks and a host of other hitherto inexplicable ‘adverse effects’.

(comment: The pro Covid vaccine campaign is by now a massive billion dollar bandwagon in all media worldwide. Even a ‘smoking gun’ discovery like that published by the Salk Institute may be just ignored as relatively few people will see and understand it and anti.vaxxers are often seen as social traitors.

The only positive sides I can see to this is that:

Salk Institute: Spike Proteins.. cause serious harm…

Put simply, it means the vaccines were designed to contain the very element that’s killing (many unlucky Covid victims).

The false assumption of the vaccine industry and its propagandists is that the spike protein is “inert” and harmless. The Salk Institute proves this assumption to be dangerously inaccurate….

see also..Covid-19 vaccine spike proteins are killing people, not merely the “virus”…

mRNA vaccines transform the human body’s own cells into spike protein factories, spilling deadly spike protein particles into the bloodstream. ….

Read the full article here.


Yet another potential problem with the famous spike protein

..”impaired fertility and impaired reproductive and gestational outcomes..”

Halt COVID Vaccine, Prominent Scientist Tells CDC By Dr. Jennifer Margulis Global Research, May 10, 2021

”….. Janci Chunn Lindsay: Covid vaccines could induce cross-reactive antibodies to syncytin, and impair fertility as well as pregnancy outcomes

First, there is a credible reason to believe that the Covid vaccines will cross-react with the syncytin and reproductive proteins in sperm, ova, and placenta, leading to impaired fertility and impaired reproductive and gestational outcomes. 

Respected virologist Dr. Bill Gallaher, Ph.D., made excellent arguments as to why you would expect cross reaction. Due to beta sheet conformation similarities between spike proteins and syncytin-1 and syncytin-2.

I have yet to see a single immunological study which disproves this. Despite the fact that it would literally take the manufacturers a single day to do these syncytin studies to ascertain this [once they had serum from vaccinated individuals]. It’s been over a year since the assertions were first made that this [the body attacking its own syncytin proteins due to similarity in spike protein structure] could occur……”

”We have seen 100 pregnancy losses reported in VAERS as of April 9th. And there have [also] been reports of impaired spermatogenesis and placental findings from both the natural infection, vaccinated, and syncytin knockout animal models that have similar placental pathology, implicating a syncytin-mediated role in these outcomes. 

Additionally, we have heard of multiple reports of menses irregularities in those vaccinated. These must be investigated. 

We simply cannot put these [vaccines] in our children who are at .002% risk for Covid mortality, if infected, or any more of the child-bearing age population without thoroughly investigating this matter.

[If we do], we could potentially sterilize an entire generation. Speculation that this will not occur and a few anecdotal reports of pregnancies within the trial are not sufficient proof that this is not impacting on a population-wide scale.”Dr. Gallaher, Ph.D.,


10,570 DEAD 405,259 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”

CDC: Death Toll Following Experimental COVID Injections Now at 4,434 – More than 21 Years of Recorded Vaccine Deaths from VAERS

45-Year-Old California Father of Two Dead 10 Days After COVID Injection

57-Year-Old Syracuse Man Mocks “Anti-vaxxers,” DEAD Seven Days After Johnson & Johnson Shot

Healthy Utah High School Athlete Develops Blood Clots in His Brain Following COVID Injection

CDC Reports 2 More Infant DEATHS Following Experimental COVID Injections During Clinical Trials

48-Year-Old Surgeon DEAD after Mocking “Anti-vaxxers” and Writing His Own Obituary after Moderna COVID Injections

16-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl DEAD Following 2 Doses of the Experimental Pfizer COVID Injections

Tragedy Continues to Strike Families with Loved Ones Dying After being Injected with Experimental COVID Shots

CDC: 4,178 Americans DEAD Following Experimental COVID Injections – Deaths from COVID Shots now Equal 20 Years of Recorded Deaths Following Vaccines Since 2001…………….

+ETC ETC …………

See many many more stories of people who have died after taking Covid 19 vaccines…. continues here

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