KILL THE MESSENGER: Another Warrior Has Fallen, Andre Vltchek is Dead 

The Free

from The Smoking Man Source… shared with thanksillustrations added

 – “…Andre Vltchek’s purpose in life was to royally piss off the people who misrule the world. Based in Lebanon, he was a scourge of the Zionist genocide perpetrators. In places like Latin America, Indonesia, and Thailand, he documented the horrors of US imperial mass murder and destruction of culture, savaging complicit local elites”.. Andre Vltchek Dead—Murdered by NATO/Zionists? – By KEVIN BARRETT .

Andre Vltchek one of the most important voices of the 21st century. Dead already.

We just lost one of the world’s greatest journalists…and one ofmy radio show’s most eloquent and informative regular guests.

Andre Vltchek, globetrotting scourge of the Western power elite, mysteriously dropped dead while riding in a chauffeured car between Samsun and Istanbul.ABC Newsreports:

Turkish authorities are investigating the death of an American author and…

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