War Crimes: Erdogan gave Putin #Turkstream 2 pipeline for Russian okay to Bomb, invade and genocide Afrin

Putin gifted Syrian canton of Afrin to a deranged would-be Turkish Ottoman Emperor.

 Just 24 hrs before they started blasting the only progressive forces in the Middle East with US planes and German tanks the ‘Turkish Hitler’ Erdogan announced the giving of permission to Russia to build the 2nd #turkstream gas pipeline through Turkey into Europe.

The timing of the announcement was an obvious boast just one day before the Invasion began, ironically with a NATO army and Russian permission. (see Jan 21 2018 Gazprom receives construction permit for second string of TurkStream) In exchange Russia, in a cynical war crime, lifted its ban on Turkish air attacks on Syria.

“The grim tally of children killed in Syria in the past two weeks has increased daily as violence escalates in several areas across the country,” Fran Equiza, UNICEF Representative in Syria, said in a statement titled “Is the world becoming numb to the killing of children?”

Without 100% control of the airspace the Turkish invasion would have been impossible. Today in 2021 Afrin the Kurdish population has fallen from %95 to under %20 and it is still held by Turkey and settled with chaotic mercenary bands of far right Jihadis, paid in Turkish money, and supplementing their income by looting, kidnapping and extortion.

In the west we hear endless fabrications about Genocide in prosperous Xinjiang, but never a word about the horrific Genocide of Afrin, guaranteed by Turkey’s NATO military.

(Russia controls the air space and was able to stop Turkey and Turkstream and ban their air force when they downed a Russian fighter in 2015).. One word ..NYET from Putin could have paralysed the invasion and the likely loss of thousands of innocent lives and permanently a canton of Syria. (see.. #Putin betrays its Syrian ally against #Turkey because it wants the #Bosphorus and #Turkstream)

We’re used to blaming the USA as the king of predator capitalism but Russia is just as bad. Modern nation states degenerate into repressive corrupt mafias, and that’s why the Kurdish Revolution is  in principle not even demanding a new State . (see..Rojava Revolution.. A Utopia at the Heart of Syrian Chaos)

By agreeing the Turkstream 2 pipeline and bombing the villages of US allies Erdogan slammed the door on the USA imperialists.  …Great?! … But only to implement an equally capitalist as well as racist, jihadi, hierarchical and ultra misogynist police state. (see also:Turkish Terrorist Erdogan orders Bombing of Afrin in new Outrage)

Turkish invasion in-

barin kobane-avesta xabur-anna campbell-murdered by Turkish invasion in-Afrin

It’s not just the Turkstream 2 pipeline, a third is planned if permission to enter the EU is obtained. Erdogan gets cheap gas to aid his nightmares of Empire and SE Europe will get locked into 50 yrs more of climate-lethal fossil fuel gas now shown to be as bad as coal due to methane leakages…

Then there is the nuclear power plant, and the Russian arms and anti aircraft system and… (see also Frack Gas’, now proven ‘Much Worse Than Coal’)

The ‘Turkish Hitler’ got to supreme power partly by cynically sabotaging the advanced peace process with the Kurdish PKK and playing the traditional nationalist card of racist paranoia and pogroms against the 18 million strong Kurdish minority.  (see also.. Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days ..in total ruins and deafening silence)

Turkstream 2 brings Russian fossil gas to Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Serbia … ensuring Climate Change

TurkStream 2 Gas Pipeline – Global Energy Monitor

https://www.gem.wiki/TurkStream_2_Gas_PipelineIn March 2020, Gazprom TurkStream 2 was expected to bring gas to Serbia and Hungary by December 2020. The project is expected to reach full capacity by October 2022. As of March 2020, the Bulgaria portion was still under construction. Bulgaria expects to finish Russian gas pipeline on time … Serbian president opens part of Russian gas project – RTHK


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http://bit.ly/2mT9O1f  #turkstream #NaturalGas #pipeline @GazpromEN

Jan 21 2018 Gazprom receives construction permit for second string of TurkStream

Rebel with gun at roadblock in Syria
A Turkish-backed Syrian rebel fighter staffs a checkpoint in the Kurdish-majority city of Afrin in northwestern Syria after seizing control of it from Kurdish People’s Protection Units on March 18, 2018. OMAR HAJ KADOUR/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

Strategies IS‏ @GSInfoServices Jan 18

Turkish op in Afrin leaves ‘grim tally’ of children killed, ‘fleeing families’ in Syria – UNICEF)

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