‘Half-empty’ Anti-Catalan demo in Madrid, the new ‘Nazi Capital’ Eng/Cat/Esp

from El HuffPost /Pública/ larepublica.cat/

Demonstration in Madrid against possible pardons for some of the Catalans still jailed for helping organise a popular referendum calling for Independence.

The National Police number 25,000 attendees at the Colon concentration, half the number two years ago .. In 2019 45,000 people joined, according to the Government Delegation. Recent local elections have enthroned the Right and Extreme right in the City Council.

Twitter memes abounded after this demonstrator showed up in a bull mask. Bull fighting is still recognised as ‘culture’ and violently supported by far right nationalist males.

Only 25,000 people have attended the Columbus demonstration against pardons held this Sunday in Madrid, according to data from the National Police provided by the Government Delegation.

However the organisers claimed access to the square was closed at 12 noon because it was full. Last year crowd estimates were as high as 200.000 by the organisers.

Manifestación en Colón contra los indultos

This would mean that half of the people who did attend the rally that took place at this same point two years ago, which according to the Government Delegation, were attended by 45,000 people.

Fascism is illegal in Germany, but ‘Culture’ in Spain

The data of the National Police contrast with those of the Municipal Police of Madrid, which numbers 126,000 participants. It is also far from the figure that the organizers contributed two years ago, who assured that 200,000 people were gathered in Colón.

The concentration, called by the Union 78 platform, was scheduled to begin at 12:00 hours, but has finally been delayed by almost an hour due to technical difficulties.

The accesses to the Plaza de Colón had to be closed before 12:00 hours because the capacity of the square was full and to guarantee the measures of social distance between the participants.

Anti-Catalan Madrid demo half-empty/ MANI ANTICATALANA DE MADRID MIG BUIDA

Només 25.000 espanyolistes d’extrema dreta coaccionen Sánchez



/La Policia Nacional ha xifrat en 25.000 les persones concentrades a la plaça de Colón de Madrid contra els indults als presos independentistes, segons ha Compta ambel suport de personalitats com Andrés Trapiello, Félix Ovejero, Félix de Azúa i la periodista Elvira Roca. També l’exalcalde deLa

In the EU’s fascist capital only 25,000 Spanish nationalists turn up compared to 45,000 in 2019/

La Policía Nacional cifra en 25.000 los asistentes a la concentración de Colon, la mitad que hace dos años

En 2019 se juntaron 45.000 personas, según la Delegación del Gobierno.

Apenas 25.000 personas han acudido a la manifestación de Colón contra los indultos celebrada este domingo en Madrid, según datos de la Policía Nacional facilitados por la Delegación del Gobierno.

Manifestación en Colón contra los indultos

Esto supondría que han acudido la mitad de personas que lo hicieron a la concentración que se produjo en este mismo punto hace dos años, a la que según la Delegación del Gobierno asistieron 45.000 personas

Los datos de la Policía Nacional contrastan con los de la Policía Municipal de Madrid, que cifra en 126.000 los participantes. Queda lejos también de la cifra que aportaron los organizadores hace dos años, que aseguraron que se llegaron a juntar 200.000 personas en Colón. 

La concentración, convocada por la plataforma Unión 78, estaba previsto que comenzara a las 12:00 horas, pero finalmente se ha retrasado casi una hora debido a dificultades técnicas.

translation: You’re not fascists for waving the Spanish flag. But because you only do it to REPRESS. I never see you with it at evictions, social demonstrations or in a popular diner.

Los acceso a la Plaza de Colón ”se tuvieron que cerrar antes de las 12:00 horas debido a que el aforo de la plaza estaba completo y para garantizar las medidas de distancia social entre los participantes”.

Foto exclusiva:Translated from Spanish … Pro-democratic forces demonstrating in Colón this morning.

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