Biden administration approves $25 Billion Pentagon budget increase, raising year’s total to just $ 735,000,000,000

Pentagon maniacs to get $735 Billion this year, enough to abolish hunger and give free health and education worldwide.. with $2000.000.000 left over…


Because of its role in setting defense policy—which determines subsidies and other rewards to private industry—the Senate Armed Services Committee is awash in cash from military contractors. According to OpenSecrets, Reed’s top contributors during the 2020 campaign cycle included Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, two of the leading beneficiaries of federal contracts.

A Huge Outrage’: Senate Panel Approves $25 Billion Pentagon Budget Increase
“Not so incidentally, the $25 billion spending increase approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee exactly matches the cost to scale up Covid-19 vaccine production to meet global demand.”

The Senate Armed ServicesCommittee agreed Thursday to add $25 billion to President Joe Biden’salready massive$715 billion Pentagon spending request, a move that prompted immediate outrage from progressive activists who have beendemanding cutsto the bloated U.S. military budget.

“Just the proposed $25 billion increase to the Pentagon budget alone could end homelessness in the…

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