Battle to Control us with Vaccine Passports as Covid deaths plummet and Fraud scandals unravel

The Free

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Every day a new Covid 19 scandal appears, see some below, as the truly horrendous shambles falls apart. Meanwhile Dr. Anthony Fauci, the president’s chief medical advisor, told CBS that 99.2% of COVIDdeaths are now in unvaccinated people.

A Collossal LIE and we can prove it HERE , but truth doesn’t matter to them because Fauci’s lie is repeated billions of times while the truth is only printed by sites banned from social media and Google.

Its like George Bushe saying ‘Iraq has WMD’, or Trump saying ‘China Genocide’.. repeated billions of times by the media until accepted as facts that kill millions.

How to STOP vaccine passports.

Yet people are now suspicious and enraged, and this time hopefully will rebel and at least make vaccine passports unworkable…

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