Health Dept admits 471 dead by vaccine while only 98 dead by Covid ?

Nearly 5 times more deaths from the vaccine than from Covid-19, maiming 48,778, says Australian Govt Dept of Health report. Due to mass jabs campaign when there was almost no Covid?

The Australian Govt Dept of Health has issued its latest report on Adverse reactions to Covid Vaccines.

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The report has now been withdrawn “31 August 2021- Database of Adverse Event Notifications: The DAEN Medicines is currently unavailable due to performance issues resulting from a high number of requests”.

but we have a screenshot of the key page

screenshot of the key page That is: 49,778 injuries, 471 DEATHS 50 pages of side effects

But the total number of deaths from Covid-19 in Australia is only 1006 (see chart below).

Which means nearly half as many of us ( 47% ) died from Vaccine complications as died from covid-19.

But that doesn’t account for the fact that most Covid deaths occurred BEFORE the vaccinations began. Since the beginning of 2020 Covid deaths , before vaccination began, only increased by 98 (see chart below)…

so … 471 dead by vaccine, 98 dead by Covid since vaccinations began

Which means nearly 5 times more deaths from the vaccine than from Covid-19

This must be wrong. It could mean that around the world Governments are doing a massive genocidal fraud 50 times bigger than anything publicly revealed. ? A coverup on that scale seems very unlikely

Or, more plausibly, it means Australia did a massive vaccination campaign when the pandemic was statistically over, killing 471 people, maiming 48,778. (and possibly also causing the new cases, in many countries cases have increased, though maybe milder, shortly after vaccinations began).

And that the Australian Govt Dept of Health accidentally told the truth and botched their lies through sheer incompetence.

5 days later their Database of Adverse Event Notifications is still closed down “due to performance issues resulting from a high number of requests” and “This is being investigated as a priority, however a timeframe for the resolution is unavailable .

These statistics on deaths with covid-19 from the number went up by 98 deaths, from 908 at the beginning of the year to 1006, a grand total of 98! … In the same time period deaths by the more or less mandatory vaccines soared to 451 with countless injuries, according to the Australian Govt Health Dept.…

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