Bullfight Foundation calls woman mayor of Gijón a Taliban after she bans bullfights for Racism and Misogyny

By José Manuel Sánchez from a post in Kaos de la Red Movimiento Antitaurino

Macho-fascist bullfighters gave the names ‘ Feminist ‘and’ Nigerian ‘ to their bulls before publicly torturing them to death to the cheers of their sadistic fans.
Valencia antitaurina

The socialist mayor of Gijón, Ana González, responded by announcing that there will be no more bullfights in the city.

The president of the Toro de Lidia Bullfighting foundation, Victorino Martín, then launched a tirade of abuse against the woman mayor, accusing her of being a Taliban and a “totalitarian” and making “a fool of herself.”

Ms Gonzalez announced the ban after denouncing that two of the animals that have been brutally tortured in public and killed in the last bullfighting fair were called ‘ Feminist ‘and’ Nigerian ‘.

25.000 antitaurinos se manifiestan en Madrid

The mayor said the City Council will not grant the concession to organize the Begoña Bullfighting Fair again, which was held on August 13, 14 and 15 in Gijón, since, in their opinion, “ the bullfighters have crossed several red lines ”.

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Pamplona: Children are bloodied in the ”cultural heritage” of public animal torture .. from Venus at World Animals Voice

“More and more voices in Gijón question the bullfighting celebrations, but what has definitely tipped the balance has been to see the names of the bulls that have been tortured this year as ‘Feminist’ and ‘Nigerian’.

Ana González said that her city believes in the equality of women and men, as well as in the integration of any person, no matter where they are born, and she cannot tolerate such names.

Bullfighters consider her a Taliban

In an open letter the bullfighters president, Victorino Martín, assures that he wants the mayor to know of his “deep concern for the totalitarian overtones that her words show, accusing her of treating the issue in a” frivolous “manner, assuring that she has” made a fool of herself “for” speaking without knowledge “because of” her ideological totalitarianism. “

Victorino Martín: "La alcaldesa de Gijón demuestra un grave  desconocimiento" - Toros - COPE

For this reason, he compares the cancellation of the bullfights to prohibiting concerts as if someone were offended by “C. Tangana (..) singing his ‘Too Many Women’ ”.

…..”Both the Taliban and the mayor of Gijón forget that neither the Buddhas of Bamiyan nor the bulls are theirs, but that they are the common heritage of all humanity ”, he explains.

Antitaurinos alistan protestas ante el inicio de las ...

The banning of future bullfights on Gijon has received wide support among women and progressives throughout the Spanish State, while stirring up a ‘hornet’s nest’ of enraged bullfight supporters.

”Neither do we throw live goats off church steeples anymore, societies evolve.” declared Ana Gonzalez

La Fundación Toro de Lidia compara a la alcaldesa de Gijón con los talibanes por prohibir las corridas

La UCTL desmonta los argumentos de la alcaldesa de Gijón y exige "una  rectificación inmediata"

El presidente de la fundación asegura que la edil es “totalitaria” y hace “el ridículo”. La alcaldesa de … Sigue leyendo La Fundación Toro de Lidia compara a la alcaldesa de Gijón con los talibanes por prohibir las corridas …. El Observatorio del laicismo

Antitaurinos protestaron pacíficamente en contra de ...

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The beneficiaries are six bullfighting associations, which will organize children’s activities such as bullfighting workshops, bullfighting painting contests, and literary contests, even magazine publications, colloquium talks, and even bullfights with death. Six bullfighting associations are going to receive 44,000 euros from the government of the Region of Murcia to develop dissemination activities and support for […]

Murcia, Spain: bullfighting workshops for children! — World Animals Voice

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