Ayşe Gökkan, of Free Women’s Movement, facing 35 yrs more jail accused of terrorism by Turkish femicidal regime .. Eng/Cat/Esp

The Free

Support needed NOW..Trial of Ayşe Gökkan journalist, mayor, feminist and spokeswoman for the Free Women’s Movement .. (Turkey is the 2nd biggest in NATO so all NATO members and their populations tacitly support the Turkish regime by not protesting.)


UPDATE 15th SEPT..Bar Association Chair, lawyers taken out of the courtroom by police force At the hearing of jailed former Nusaybin Mayor Ayşe Gökkan in Diyarbakır, the presiding judge ordered the Diyarbakır Bar Chair and lawyers out of the courtroom by police force. Gökkan’s requests for additional time and recusal have been rejected. While the lawyers and the relatives of Gökkan, who objected to the incident, were battered out, the police tried to detain Ayşe Gökkan’s niece Vedat Gökkan. They stopped after MPs and lawyers intervened. Meanwhile, Ayşe Gökkan’s elder sister Mihrican Gökkan passed out and was taken to a hospital.e “We are Kurds, we are women…

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